Privacy Protection Act

HF2314 – Previously HF2129

Makes the personal information of Permit to Carry and Permit to Acquire holders private, and requires uniformity of permits statewide.

Bill history:

01/29/2016 – Introduced in the Iowa House of Representatives
2/4/16 – Passed a House Judiciary subcommittee vote
2/16/16 – Passed House Judiciary committee vote – 20-0-1
2/23/16 – Passed a House vote 97-1
3/2/16 – Passed a Senate Judiciary subcommittee vote 3-0
3/10/16 – Passed a Senate Judiciary committee vote WITH AMENDMENT – 8-4-1

Current location:

Full Senate


The Privacy Protection Act addresses two issues vital to hundreds of thousands of Iowans. Currently mass media, and anyone else for that matter, can request the personal information of every Permit to Carry and Permit to Acquire holder in the state of Iowa. This means they have access to every piece of information on your Permit. Name, date of birth, address, and so on. This becomes an issue when the media, for reasons unknown, decides they must publish the names of every permit holder. This has happened before, and we have no reason to believe it won’t happen again. This kind of public shaming is typically reserved for the likes of criminals and sex offenders, yet the only thing Permit to Carry holders in Iowa have done is choose to get trained and exercise their constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms. Publishing the names of Permit to Carry holders has already had serious repercussions for many Iowa Firearms Coalition members. We’ve heard many cases of IFC members being singled out by their employers, or community members for no other reason that they hold a valid Permit to Carry. This also raises very serious concerns for victims of domestic violence and other similar persons who’ve opted to learn to defend themselves but wish to maintain a low profile in order avoid their abusers.

In addition to protecting the private information of law-abiding Iowans the Privacy Protection Act also requires Iowa’s Sheriff’s Departments to issue Permits to Carry on uniform cards. For years Sheriff’s have done whatever they like when issuing permits. We’ve seen everything from plastic credit card style permits, to carbon copy paper permits, and everything in between. This has led to plenty of headaches when Iowans move from one county to another, or are asked to show their Permit to Carry to an officer not familiar with a different style of permit. If the Privacy Protection Act is signed into law Permit to Carry licenses would be uniform across county lines and across the State of Iowa.

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House voting record (2/23/16):

YES VOTES – 97        
Name District Party County Email
Ako Abdul-Samad 35 Democrat Polk
Marti Anderson 36 Democrat Polk
Rob Bacon 48 Republican Story
Chip Baltimore 47 Republican Boone
Clel Baudler 20 Republican Adair
Terry C. Baxter 8 Republican Hancock
Bruce Bearinger 64 Democrat Fayette
Liz Bennett 65 Democrat Linn
Deborah L. Berry 62 Democrat Black Hawk
Brian Best 12 Republican Carroll
Darrel Branhagen 55 Republican Winneshiek
Timi Brown-Powers 61 Democrat Black Hawk
Josh Byrnes 51 Republican Mitchell
Gary Carlson 91 Republican Muscatine
Dennis M. Cohoon 87 Democrat Des Moines
Peter Cownie 42 Republican Polk
Dave Dawson 14 Democrat Woodbury
Dave Deyoe 49 Republican Story
Cecil Dolecheck 24 Republican Ringgold
Nancy Dunkel 57 Democrat Dubuque
Abby Finkenauer 99 Democrat Dubuque
Dean Fisher 72 Republican Tama
John Forbes 40 Democrat Polk
Greg Forristall 22 Republican Pottawattamie
Joel Fry 27 Republican Clarke
Ruth Ann Gaines 32 Democrat Polk
Mary Gaskill 81 Democrat Wapello
Tedd Gassman 7 Republican Winnebago
Pat Grassley 50 Republican Butler
Stan Gustafson 25 Republican Madison
Chris Hagenow 43 Republican Polk
Chris Hall 13 Democrat Woodbury
Mary Ann Hanusa 16 Republican Pottawattamie
Greg Heartsill 28 Republican Marion
David E. Heaton 84 Republican Henry
Lisa Heddens 46 Democrat Story
Lee Hein 96 Republican Jones
Jake Highfill 39 Republican Polk
Steven Holt 18 Republican Crawford
Chuck Holz 5 Republican Plymouth
Bruce L. Hunter 34 Democrat Polk
Daniel A. Huseman 3 Republican Cherokee
Dave Jacoby 74 Democrat Johnson
Megan Jones 2 Republican Clay
Ron Jorgensen 6 Republican Woodbury
Bobby Kaufmann 73 Republican Cedar
Jerry A. Kearns 83 Democrat Lee
Daniel Kelley 29 Democrat Jasper
Jarad J. Klein 78 Republican Washington
Kevin Koester 38 Republican Polk
John Kooiker 4 Republican Sioux
John Landon 37 Republican Polk
Vicki S. Lensing 85 Democrat Johnson
Jim Lykam 89 Democrat Scott
Mary Mascher 86 Democrat Johnson
Dave Maxwell 76 Republican Poweshiek
Charlie McConkey 15 Democrat Pottawattamie
Brian Meyer 33 Democrat Polk
Helen Miller 9 Democrat Webster
Linda J. Miller 94 Republican Scott
Norlin Mommsen 97 Republican Clinton
Brian Moore 58 Republican Jackson
Tom Moore 21 Republican Cass
Zach Nunn 30 Republican Polk
Jo Oldson 41 Democrat Polk
Rick Olson 31 Democrat Polk
Scott Ourth 26 Democrat Warren
Kraig Paulsen 67 Republican Linn
Ross Paustian 92 Republican Scott
Dawn E. Pettengill 75 Republican Benton
Todd Prichard 52 Democrat Floyd
Ken Rizer 68 Republican Linn
Walt Rogers 60 Republican Black Hawk
Patti Ruff 56 Democrat Clayton
Kirsten Running-Marquardt 69 Democrat Linn
Sandy Salmon 63 Republican Black Hawk
Thomas R. Sands 88 Republican Louisa
Mike Sexton 10 Republican Calhoun
Larry Sheets 80 Republican Appanoose
David Sieck 23 Republican Mills
Mark D. Smith 71 Democrat Marshall
Art Staed 66 Democrat Linn
Quentin Stanerson 95 Republican Linn
Sharon S. Steckman 53 Democrat Cerro Gordo
Sally Stutsman 77 Democrat Johnson
Rob Taylor 44 Republican Dallas
Todd E. Taylor 70 Democrat Linn
Phyllis Thede 93 Democrat Scott
Linda L. Upmeyer 54 Republican Cerro Gordo
Guy Vander Linden 79 Republican Mahaska
Ralph C. Watts 19 Republican Dallas
Beth Wessel-Kroeschell 45 Democrat Story
John H. Wills 1 Republican Dickinson
Cindy Winckler 90 Democrat Scott
Matt W. Windschitl 17 Republican Harrison
Mary Lynn Wolfe 98 Democrat Clinton
Gary Worthan 11 Republican Buena Vista


Name District Party County Email
Charles Isenhart 100 Democrat Dubuque

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Firearms Coalition: Keep Gunowner Names Private


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