Good Gun Bills

HJR 13 – Introduced by Rep. Matt Windschitl

Passed House Judiciary Committee, waiting on House 

RKBA Amendment is the primary goal for IFC in 2018. Iowa is one of six states that doesn’t recognize the individual right to keep and bear arms. This must be addressed now! To amend the constitution would require us to pass the bill in two sessions of the Iowa legislature without any amendments and then requires a statewide ballot initiative. This is our biggest and most ambitious goal yet.

Iowa Firearms Coalition is the only steve level gun group registered for this bill.

SF-2052 – Introduced by Senator Mark Chelgren

This bill is a response to the judicial overreach of Chief Justice Cady when he released his June memo restricting legally carried weapons in Iowa courthouses. This bill would allow anyone with a valid weapon permit to be armed in a county courthouse in the same manner as a law enforcement officer. The courthouses are the people’s buildings and should recognize the people’s rights as well as the law which restricted the kind of restrictions set in place by Justice Cady. IFC is registered FOR this bill. Learn more about Senator Chelgren here

SF-2086 – Introduced by Senator Mark Chelgren

Passed Senate Judiciary Committee, waiting on Senate 

This bill would allow someone who can lawfully possess a weapon to be armed on school grounds when transporting a child, but not inside the school facility. IFC believes the right to keep and bear arms doesn’t end on school grounds. An armed permit holder should be allowed to exercise their Second Amendment rights when they pick up their child from school or have a valid reason to be there. We expect that this bill will be addressed in the Iowa House as well, but IFC will continue fighting to make sure Iowa law recognizes this basic right.  IFC is registered FOR this bill.

Here is an article from the Des Moines Register on the topic.

 HF-2146 – Introduced by Rep. Windschitl

Passed House Judiciary Committee, waiting on House

HF-2146 breaks down the supervisory control and custody of a county courthouse. This bill is designed to fix the issues presented by the overreaching memo from Chief Justice Cady last

summer that banned lawfully carried weapons in courthouses. His overreaching actions require a response from the legislature to recognize the rights of gun owners in courthouses.

Iowa Firearms Coalition is registered FOR this bill. 


Anti – Gun Bills

SF2025 – Introduced by Sen. Joe Bolkcom – DEFEATED

Notoriously anti-gun Senator Joe Bolkcom proposed SF2025, a measure that seeks to make it a criminal offense to possess a dangerous weapon on any property that displays a “No Weapons” sign. Under current law,“No Firearm” signs in Iowa have no force of law unless they are posted on property that is specifically mentioned in State Law as being off limits to those with a Permit/License to Carry. If you are in a place not explicitly mentioned in the law that is posted and they ask you to leave,  you must leave. Anti-gunners are trying to promote signs banning weapons as well as complicate the carrying of weapons and make criminals out of well-intended people who carry.

Iowa Firearms Coalition will work to defeat this bill and is currently the only organization registered against this bill.

Senator Joe Bolkcom:

HF-2145 – Introduced by Rep. Mascher, Rep. Staed, and Rep. Brown-Powers – DEFEATED

HF-2145  gives discretion back to the Sheriffs, removes the requirement to reinstate a suspended permit to carry if the holder is cleared of charges, allows revocation pretty much at the Sheriffs’ whim and removes the awarding of court costs and attorney fees to the prevailing party in an appeal of a permit action. This bill is bad for Iowa and bad for gun owners. The struggle to recognize weapons permits rights for Iowans was the first victory for the people at Iowa Firearms Coalition eight years ago. It was a bi-partisan victory that recognized the fundamental rights of hundreds of thousands of Iowans. Now, three out of touch members of the Iowa House are trying to go backward and leave the gun rights of Iowans up to the patch-work unequal standards of 99 different County Sheriffs.

Will this bill see the floor? No, it will be dead on arrival. Gun rights are a winning issue in Iowa, and we are only moving forward this session.  However, this bill is a reminder why elections matter, why Janet Peterson and Mark Smith can’t be allowed to lead the legislature, and why we can’t let our guard down.

Iowa Firearms Coalition is the ONLY firearms organization registered against this bill.

Rep. Staed:

Rep. Mascher:

Rep. Brown-Powers:

HF-2143 – Introduced by Rep. Staed – DEFEATED

HF-2143  is a bill designed to roll back Capitol Carry. Rep. Staed is attempting to roll back the provisions of HF-517 that allowed the lawful carrying of weapons in the Capitol and on Capitol grounds. The Capitol is the people’s house and the people’s rights should be respected there.

Iowa Firearms Coalition is the only gun group registered against this bill. 

Rep. Staed:

 HF-2181 Introduced by Mascher, Kearns, Scott, Ourth, Taylor, Steckman, Winckler, Lensing, Gaines, Kurth, Hunter, Nielsen, Meyer, R. Smith, Abdul-Samad,Olson, Bennett, Wessel-Kroeschell

HF 2181 is a reckless attempt at Universal Background Checks that roll back gun rights in a significant manner. This bill is a “universal background check” that makes it an aggravated misdemeanor (2 years in prison, $625 to $6250 fine – thus a felony for federal gun prohibition purposes) to transfer any firearm without a background check. The ONLY two exclusions are for a transfer to a “buyback” program run by law enforcement or momentarily for an act of justified defense. Now THAT is well thought out! You’re at the range – or out behind the barn – and your buddy or your daughter wants to try your new shotgun – oops, you’re off to prison!

This has been the flagship bill for gun control groups led by Iowa Senate Candidate Amber Gustafson and often promoted as a moderate gain for gun safety and “common sense.”

Iowa Firearms Coalition is the only gun group registered against this bill.

This kind of law has been proven to do nothing for gun safety

HF-2180 – Introduced by Rep. Staed, Kurth, Hunter – DEFEATED

HF-2180 is a measure designed to implement “Extreme Risk Protective Orders” to disarm people when it is believed that they are going present a danger to someone. These bills are designed by the Giffords Law Center, a national gun control lobby and often marketed as a tool to prevent domestic violence. What they actually do is provide a complicated legal mess that dramatically lowers the threshold for disarming citizens. The intent of this bill and the outcomes are far from aligned. This has become law in some of the most anti-gun states and would be undesirable in Iowa.

Iowa Firearms Coalition is the only gun group registered against this bill.

HF-2179 – Introduced by Rep. Staed, Winckler, Kurth,  Kearns, Lensing, Winckler, Nielsen, R. Smith, Mascher, Bennett, McConkey, Brown-Powers, Gaines, Wessel-Kroeschell – DEFEATED

HF-2179 is an attempt to criminalize a failure to report a lost or stolen weapon. If you’ve been so unfortunate as to have your weapon stolen, you are now on the 48 hour clock to report it or become a criminal yourself. If you spend more than two days looking for the weapon before reporting it missing, then you can pay a $50 fine for your misdemeanor after your report.

Iowa Firearms Coalition is the only gun group registered against this bill.



HF 2075 was introduced into the Iowa House by Rep. Anderson of Polk, Rep. Staed of Linn, Rep. Stockman of Cerro Gordo, Rep. Lensing of Johnson, Re. Meyer of Polk, Rep. Kurth of Scott, Rep. Thede, Rep. H Miller of Webster, Rep. Hunter of Polk, and Rep. Mascher of Johnson.

This bill would make the possession of a bump stock a Class “D” Felony and punishable for up to 5 years in prison and up to a $7500 fine.

Iowa Firearms Coalition opposes regulations on bump stocks and any other form of gun control. Iowa Firearms Coalition is the only firearm organization registered against this bill.

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