The mission of the Iowa Firearms Coalition is to be THE firearms rights organization in Iowa, representing Second Amendment concerns for all firearms owners in the state. We will staunchly defend the rights of hunters and sportsmen as well as the rights of all Iowans to defend themselves and their loved ones. We seek to partner with other like-minded organizations to increase our effectiveness in accomplishing these goals.


Iowa Firearms Coalition is the preeminent firearms rights organization in Iowa. Our organization is made up of thousands of gun owners and supporters throughout the state. IFC is a true state-wide grassroots organization, dedicated 100% to preserving and enhancing our 2nd Amendment rights. Our members are committed to defending their rights, and IFC’s leaders work tirelessly and without pay to ensure those rights are adequately defended.

IFC traces its roots back to 2005 when four Iowans decided our state’s draconian “May Issue” Permit to Carry system was unfairly discriminating against many of Iowa’s gun owners. Those four individuals created the group known as Iowa Carry, and that small group quickly grew into a tsunami of supporters. In 2010, riding a wave of bi-partisan support in the State House, Senate, and Governors office, Iowa Carry got Shall Issue signed into law. As a result Iowans statewide now enjoy a uniform, “shall issue” weapons permit process and five-year permits, while the number of Iowans with permits to carry has increased about seven times since 2009.

Once Shall Issue was signed into law, the group Iowa Carry decided to rename itself in order to better represent its new and expanded role in Iowa. Thus Iowa Firearms Coalition was born. IFC has remained extremely active since the passage of Shall Issue. In addition to talking with countless Iowans at shooting events, gun shows, and rallies, IFC and our members have developed a positive reputation amongst the state’s lawmakers as a grassroots group whose demands must be taken seriously. Our work has even been recognized by the NRA. In 2010 IFC was awarded the prestigious Jay M. Littlefield NRA-ILA Memorial Volunteer Organization of the Year Award. Iowa Firearms Coalition has no intentions of letting off the gas. Legislative priorities include full Constitutional Carry rights as well as amending Iowa’s state constitution to include a Right to Keep and Bear Arms provision.