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Sick of seeing the government take away your rights? Want to do something about it, but not sure what to do, or what to say? We’ve made it easy. Using our Legislative Action Center you can quickly and easily send a number of professional, and effective emails to the people who can halt this latest infringement on our rights.

Get Involved

Write our lawmakers in Washington – Our pre-written email goes directly to Iowa’s elected officials in Washington – the people tasked with representing your interests. Make sure they know Iowan’s expect them to fight this latest infringement on our rights.

Prefer to write your own email to Iowa’s lawmakers? No problem. Use our Legislative Action Center to find your legislators and their contact info.


Write the BATFE – They’re  only taking comments from the public for a short time (through March 16th). Use our Legislative Action Center to voice your opposition.

Prefer to write your own email to the BATFE? No problem. Send it to:

Get Informed

The ATF is Failing to Follow their own Definition of “Armor Piercing.”

As you would expect the NRA-ILA is waging an active campaign against this ban as well. We highly encourage you to support their efforts.

The NRA’s Colion Noir has put together a fantastic video addressing the question: “Why should I care? I don’t shoot M855.”


Stay Informed

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Iowa Firearms Coalition is an entirely volunteer, grassroots, 2nd Amendment advocacy group. Responsible for bringing uniformity to Iowa’s Concealed Weapons Permitting process, IFC’s members work to protect and enhance 2nd Amendment rights in Iowa. An affiliate of the National Rifle Association, the IFC actively seeks to foster and promote the shooting sports. Sign up for our email list for the latest on 2nd Amendment issues in Iowa. You can support our work by becoming a member, or making a donation.

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