Second Chance for the Suppressor Bill

Despite the best efforts of IFC members, HF 2381, the bill to legalize suppressors in Iowa, recently failed to be brought out of sub-committee for consideration by the Senate Judiciary Committee.  This effectively killed the bill and it will not receive the vote in the Senate that it deserved.

However, there is still hope–but we need your help again!  Both House and Senate leadership have the power to create bills outside of the committee process and bring them directly to the floor.  This maneuver will require Majority Leaders in the House and Senate to come together to create a new suppressor bill and to place it on the debate calendar in each chamber.  If this can be arranged, we are confident the bill will pass easily, as it cleared the House with an overwhelming bipartisan majority and the projected vote in the Senate is 44-to-6 in favor.

Clearly legislators support this common sense measure and it merits a vote.  Together, we can make that happen by contacting members of the Senate and the House and urging them to insist on a leadership bill that can move legalization of suppressors forward.  This bill is one of the few this year for which legislators have received massive amounts of e-mail and phone support. Iowans are anxious for the opportunity to enjoy the health, safety and practical benefits of firearm suppressors.

Use the IFC Action Center to quickly and easily ask your legislators to insist their leadership bring this legislation to the Senate floor for an immediate vote.

To speak directly to your legislators, call your Senators at (515) 281-3371 and your Representatives at (515) 281-3221.  To find your Senator and Representative, click here.

Please help IFC succeed in this last ditch effort. The General Assembly will soon adjourn, so the time to act is NOW!

Fighting for your Second Amendment Rights in Iowa,
Barry B. Snell
Communications Director, Iowa Firearms Coalition
NRA Member

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