Today is Primary Election Day! Don’t forget to vote!

Today, Tuesday, June 3, is Primary Election Day! Don’t forget to get out and vote!

Now, we know that most folks skip primary elections because they don’t see them as important as general elections. Heck, some folks don’t even know about the primary elections. But we’re here to tell you that primaries are just as important-perhaps even more important-than general elections. Why? Because primaries are where the official party endorsed candidates are chosen.

Have you ever wished that party candidates were better? Have you ever wished that your vote mattered more than it seems to? If so, then you need to make time today to get down to your polling place and vote in this year’s primaries. And when you close that curtain behind you in the voting booth and get ready to cast your ballot, remember how you were betrayed by Senate Democrats last month on the suppressor bill!

Polls will be open from 7:00 AM to 9:00 PM all across Iowa. To find your polling place, click here.

After you vote today, don’t rest easy…There’s still plenty of work to be done! We must flip the Iowa Senate to a Republican majority this year in order to get any pro-rights, common sense firearms legislation passed through the legislature in the future. So you’ll be hearing from us between now and November, because we’ll be relying on your help to make the change!

Fighting for your Second Amendment Rights in Iowa,
Barry B. Snell
IFC Communications Director
NRA Member

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