NRA rolls out Iowa ad campaign

The National Rifle Association will soon be front and center here in Iowa.

The gun rights organization has just rolled out a new ad campaign highlighting gun control zealot Michael Bloomberg’s hypocrisy. The NRA’s Institute for Legislative Action has just released a new :30 second TV commercial, which is just the first part of their new multimedia campaign. Iowans will being seeing and hearing much more from the NRA in the weeks to come as the NRA has purchased six figures worth of digital and social media advertisements in Iowa and other battleground states.

This is certainly welcome news for Iowa’s gun owning voters. The new NRA ad campaign will coincide with ongoing efforts by the Iowa Firearms Coalition to push Bloomberg’s anti-gun minions out of Iowa’s state legislature, and pass strong pro gun laws such as:

  • Right to Keep and Bear Arms amendment to the state constitution
  • Stand Your Ground laws
  • Suppressor/NFA legalization

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Our readers said:

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  1. Pauline Hampton says:

    God Bless our freedoms and may those who seek to destroy them, may they suffer hell and damnation.

  2. Bruce Fleming says:

    I don’t recognize the Iowa mountains in the background. The video would be more effective if it had been shot in Iowa, or at least if it included Iowa images.

  3. Craig Hempenius says:

    Yah, Bruce. I was thinking how nice the Loess Hills looked in the add, well, until it turned into the Rocky Mountains. It doesn’t make us look very bright.

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