Anti-gun Iowa columnist outraged by overwhelming support for guns in city parks

Two weeks ago the North Scott Press asked readers “Do you feel safer when it’s legal for citizens to carry guns in city parks?” When their readers overwhelmingly (399 to 33) said ‘Yes, we need guns in city parks to protect ourselves,’ North Scott Press columnist Sarah Hayden took it upon herself to lash out at the polls respondents. “You can’t be serious,” she chides her readers, adding that “It’s time we protect our children, not the right to bear arms.” Hayden column uses one-sided stats and hard to follow logic, and even goes so far to say “Well, we’re no longer fighting for our freedom…” Sorry Ms. Hayden, but you’re wrong on this one. We’re still fighting, and we’re proud to see so many of your readers recognize the importance of the Second Amendment.

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Note: the North Scott Press’ website will not allow non-subscribers to read their content. Special thanks goes out to an Iowa Firearms Coalition member who sent us this picture of a print edition of Hayden’s column.


Our readers said:

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  1. Justin says:

    It saddens me when I hear or read about people who think this way. If anybody had a valid argument I would not be so upset but when they regurgitate the same nonsense the mainstream media says……It only shows that they do not have any original thoughts on any topic they debate. The biggest problem is there are people just like this writer that represent the american people in our government. The collective ignorance among our representatives will surly destroy our nation if there heads get too far up there hind ends. Secondly, why would we want to be like any other country? This is America right? No other country has the freedom that we do; even with the amount of ridiculous laws, taxes, and regulations that have been passed in the shadows since the Constitution and Declaration of Independence were signed. Learn how to shoot, teach your children how to shoot, and discipline your children so that they know right from wrong and you will no longer have school, political, or mass shootings. But in the mean time, I will be carrying MY sidearm wherever I go because “I” am the one responsible for the protection of my life and the life of my family.

  2. Greg says:

    Define irony: Using the musket argument against the 2nd amendment while using the internet to practice the 1st.

  3. Michael Ware says:

    I’m hoping I took Sarah’s comments correctly. I think she just wants safety. Unfortunately Sarah hasn’t thought this through thoroughly. When we bar or ban defensive tools from the honorable, we aren’t being honest about the fact that those bent on doing harm pay no attention to ‘gun free zones’ and other false senses of security we erect for ourselves in the name of righteousness.

    Simply put, restricting the only groups of people that follow the rules, the GOOD GUYS, is all you accomplish with actions like making places “GUN FREE”…

    If Sarah can’t set back, think through this, realize and grasp the good guys, whether they choose to carry or not, are the folks she should be among, then she’s by very definition part of the problem. Sarah’s flawed insight make victims defenseless and remove their choice to defend their own lives should they need or require it.

    She’s helping the bad guys. I’ll bet if she reconsidered this, sought good information, and reflected on it, she’d come around. I’ve read some of her stuff since I read her article and she seems well rounded. Chances are she’ll ‘get it’ some day. Our future depends on it…

    • Stu Strickler says:

      I agree that the so called ” Gun Free Zones” are not gun free at all! Only the good citizens abide by them. The criminals don’t abide by the law nor do they care! We care about our kids as much as the folks who think guns are evil.

  4. that guy says:

    I like how the author says we have “the highest gun ownership rate in the world” when in her previous paragraph she that Thailand has a higher percentage rate (39 vs 37). Good job on staying subjective as a reporter.

  5. The Wraith says:

    The Children Defense Fund says gun violence the second leading cause of deaths of children in America? Guess she has never heard of the CDC who states otherwise:

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