Over the line -OR- Awesome? Ares Armor’s new “Obama’s Blaster”

Ares Armor, the controversial California firearms maker, has really stepped things up. The company recently rolled out their “The Obama’s Blaster” AR15 upper receiver. The company is playing off the moniker that President Barack Obama’s gun control efforts have made him the world’s greatest gun salesman. Dimitrios Karras, owner of Ares Armor, says it’s just a little humor, but some folks don’t agree.

“I mean, we had one guy who literally said he wished he had a rocket launcher to shoot rockets at us because we named a product after the president,” said Karras. “He’s so anti-gun that he’s become pro-rocket.”

What are your thoughts? Is using the President’s name for an upper receiver over the line, or is it just funny?

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