How I-594 Will Destroy Itself — Colion Noir

NRA News Commentator Colion Noir breaks down Washington State’s new gun control measure I-594. This initiative makes it illegal to simply hand a gun to someone else who’d like to shoot it, to clean it, or just to see what it feels like. The #GunSense #GunDense zealots are taking I-594 on the road as model legislation for other states. They’ve already announced plans to push this in at least 12 other states. Gun owners already know it won’t stop crime, but the anti-gunners don’t seem to get it. Take a look at Noir’s latest video, then help us spread this message around. Let’s stop enacting new laws and taking away Americans freedoms, and start enforcing the thousands of gun laws already on the books.

Take two minutes to use our Legislative Action Center to send a note to Iowa lawmakers telling them you oppose gun control schemes like I-594.

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