HSB201 Approved 3-0 by House Subcommittee


HSB201 Advances on 3-0 Vote

House Study Bill 201 cleared its first procedural hurdle today, passing a subcommittee vote in the House Judiciary Committee 3 votes to 0.

Representatives Matt Windschitl, Chip Baltimore, and Mary Lynn Wolf all agreed to move the omnibus gun bill forward. The bill now goes to the House Judiciary Committee before a vote.

Deadline looming!

The first funnel deadline is the end of the day Friday March 6th. HSB201 must be approved by the House Judiciary Committee by the end of the day Friday or the bill will no longer be allowed to advance through this year’s legislative session.

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Our readers said:

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  1. Alex says:

    Thanks to your efforts to all involved.

    The bill is all good stuff, but I’m particularly looking forward to being able to use an extra form of hearing protection when I go to the range.

    I am, however concerned about the same thing happening to this bill as happened to a certain bill last year with bipartisan support that a certain senator decided to get in the way of.

    Do we anticipate the same thing happening to this bill?

    • Kurt Liske says:

      Alex, first off thanks for the ongoing support. To answer your question about this bill dying in committee like it did last year, yes that is always a possibility. But things are different this year. Senate leadership shook up the Senate Judiciary Committee. They’ve got a new chair this year, Sen. Steve Sodders. So far he’s been very agreeable to this bill and everything in it. We created a lot of momentum with last year’s suppressor bill and raised a lot of awareness. Those two things go a long way on the Hill. It’s impossible to know what the future holds, but right now things are progressing nicely. Don’t take that as a reason to get complacent though. Things can literally change at the drop of a hat during the session. We’re fighting tooth and nail to get this passed, and we need as many people on board as we can get. Thanks again for taking a stand with us.

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