New Advocacy Campaign Activated – “It’s Time for a Vote on SF425!”

You shouldn't be a criminal for teaching your daughter gun safety. It's time for a vote on SF425!

You should not end up a criminal because you taught your daughter gun safety. Responsible parents in Iowa need SF425. It’s time for a vote!

It’s time for a vote on SF425!

We’ve just updated our Legislative Action Center with a new Advocacy Campaign titled “It’s time for a vote on SF425!”

Please send another round of emails to your Senator. It should take less than 60 seconds. Then please share this link with anyone who values their Second Amendment rights.

Dear Senator, the time is now

There’s an overwhelming number of Iowan’s who want see SF425, the Omnibus Gun Bill, come to a vote in the Senate.

This week Iowa’s House of Representatives listened to their constituents and passed their version of the Omnibus Gun Bill by a landslide – 75 votes to 24. Republicans and Democrats rallied around this bill. There was not a single word of opposition on the House floor. Now it’s time for the Senate to do the same. The Omnibus Gun Bill has also passed the Senate Judiciary Committee with broad support from both sides of the aisle. Adopt the House version and let’s put this to a vote!

Why wait?

SF425 protects firearms owners in Iowa from having their private information from being broadcast for the whole world to see.

It gives parents the right to raise their families as they see fit, and the freedom to teach their kids how to safely handle all firearms without the threat of becoming a criminal.

It brings Iowa in line with the 39 other states that give their residents the freedom to purchase suppressors.

It even increases the penalties for anyone caught making an illegal firearms purchase.

Despite what the Michael Bloomberg nanny-state drones say, Iowa law is – and will remain – fully compliant with federal firearms law, even under the changes in SF425.

It’s time for a vote on SF425!

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Our readers said:

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  1. Bob McCoy says:

    I’m on your email list, can you tell me how many actual members there are in the IFC? Just curious, would like to know before I become one.

    • Kurt Liske says:

      Bob- thanks for reaching out. We’re happy to hear that you would like to become a member. Our members privacy is something we take very seriously, and their information is not something we make public. We hope that you’ll continue to support our cause, and most importantly we hope that you’ll continue to stand with with us and work to protect and enhance the Second Amendment rights of all Iowans.

  2. Vincent Meek says:

    Dear Senator, the time is now

    There’s an overwhelming number of Iowan’s who want see SF425, the Omnibus Gun Bill, come to a vote in the Senate. Please vote yes on this bill.

  3. Leo Hogan says:

    Got this response from Senator Bowman. Seams his concern is private sales.

    His response:

    Thank you for your e-mail expressing your concern that Senate File 425,
    a bill dealing with suppressors and firearms, does away with background
    checks. There is a section of the bill that eliminates the
    requirement for a permit to acquire firearms. Under current Iowa law
    citizens apply to their county sheriffs for permits to acquire a
    handgun. The sheriff is required to contact the FBI to do a National
    Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) check on the applicant.
    The NICS check will tell the sheriff whether the applicant is
    qualified to possess a handgun or not. If the applicant is not
    qualified, then the sheriff denies the permit. Licensed firearms
    dealers are also authorized to do NICS checks. If permits to acquire
    were no longer required, firearms dealers would still be required to do
    the NICS background checks through the FBI prior to selling someone a
    handgun. Thus, if SF 425 were to become law, background checks would
    still be done when someone wants to purchase a firearm from a licensed
    firearms dealer. However, private sellers of handguns would have no
    way of determining whether someone is qualified to purchase a handgun
    and private sellers would not be able to do background checks. Again,
    thank you for taking the time to contact me. I appreciate your input on
    this important issue.

    Senator Tod Bowman

  4. Gene says:

    Leo Hogan,
    That is exactly the same response I received this morning from bowman…must be a canned response letter

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