Everytown for Gun Safety Purposely Ignoring Iowa Law Enforcement


Who has a better handle on crime in Iowa? The police -OR- Michael Bloomberg

This all boils down to who do you trust more. A nanny-state billionaire –OR– the men and women of Iowa who work to keep law and order.


Lots of hot air

There’s a lot of talk about SF425, the Omnibus Gun Bill. Unfortunately there’s also a lot of misinformation being intentionally spread around.

One side is screaming, shouting, and doing everything they can to misrepresent this bill. They’ve even gone so far as to falsely claim this bill would “arm domestic abusers and felons.” No surprise, it’s the anti-gun crowd once again spreading deceit and misinformation.

Everything they do, everything they say, is built around trying make you think the Omnibus Gun Bill will make you less safe. The reality is they’re wrong, and Iowa’s law enforcement community would be one of the first to tell you that.

Tell your Senator ‘it’s time for a vote on SF425!’

What you’re not being told

What the anti-gunners are purposely not telling you is that Iowa’s police officers, sheriffs, and other law enforcement officers all agree: SF425 is a good bill, and passing it will not impact your safety.

How do we know they feel that way? Well for starters they worked with us to help craft this bill. We’ve been working side by side with the police to get this bill passed. Think about it, why would they support any bill that would make you less safe? Their support proves this is good legislation.

Don’t believe us? Check the lobbyist declarations for SF425 and HF527 the Senate and House version of the Omnibus Gun Bill. The bills are endorsed by groups like the:

Iowa Police Chiefs Association
Iowa State Sheriffs’ and Deputies Association
Iowa Peace Officers Association

Who do you trust more?

Ultimately this whole argument comes down to trust. Who do you feel is more trustworthy?


Iowa’s police officers, sheriffs deputies and law enforcement officials.
The gun control crowd, and their nanny-state sugar daddies.

The men and women who everyday put on their uniforms and work to keep you safe.
A bunch of moms who think demanding action will solve anything.

The ones you call when something goes bump in the night.
The fast talking out-of-state lobbyists flown in from New York City.


SF425 – Endorsed by police. Backed by Iowans.

If this bill endangered Iowans there’s no way Iowa’s law enforcement community would sign off on it. And yet despite all of the claims being made by anti-gun groups, Iowa’s police do in fact say this is a good bill.

We trust the police to keep us safe.

We call them when we’re in danger.

We turn to them when our communities are in need.

Now it’s time to listen to them.

It’s time for a vote on SF425.


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