Review & Preview – Week 10 of Iowa’s Legislative Session

The contest for ages has been to rescue liberty from the grasp of executive power.

-Daniel Webster

The Clock is Ticking for SF425
Key Iowa Senators have lost sight what Omnibus Gun Bill accomplishes
Email your Senator – “Who Do You Trust More: Iowans or Out-of-State Lobbyists?”

Week 10 recap:

Week 10 saw little action in the Iowa Senate on SF425. While the powers that be continue to avoid this bill and hide their heads in the sand, the battle rages on outside the Senate chambers. As we explained last week a slew of out-of-state lobbyists and gun control groups have flocked to Iowa in an all out last-ditch effort to stop the Omnibus Gun Bill. What started out as a grassroots push to protect and enhance the Second Amendment rights of Iowans has suddenly morphed into a battle royale that pits Iowans against numerous billionaire funded national gun control groups.

Unfortunately in the last week a few key Senators have forgotten who they’re in Des Moines to represent. With just a few whispers in their ear they’ve lost sight of the facts. The Omnibus Gun Bill has already passed 5 landslide votes in the legislature. It’s backed by Iowa law enforcement. It protects the private information of hundreds of thousands of Iowans. It allows Iowans to legally teach their children proper gun safety. And most importantly this bill is backed by an overwhelming number of everyday Iowans.

What you need to know for week 11:

This is crunch time. The second funnel date is April 3rd. For those that don’t remember, the funnel is a legislative deadline. In this case, a bill has to be approved by both chambers by April 3rd or it is considered dead for the year. We’ve already passed the House of Representatives by a huge margin. Now we just need the Senate to do its job, then this bill is off to the Governor’s desk.

With two weeks to go, there’s literally no time to waste. We’re clicking on all cylinders, and we cannot let off the gas now.

Our volunteers will be in the capitol everyday working to push this bill forward. Their efforts can only take this so far though. We need a strong showing from you if we’re going to be able to get this to a vote.

Keep calling.​ Keep emailing. Keep spreading the word about SF425 – It’s time for a vote!!!

The future of the Omnibus Gun Bill, and the next two weeks can be summed up like this:Grassroots Iowa firearms owners vs. big money out-of-state gun control groups. We need you to remain active, and bring as many of your family and friends into this as possible.

What you can do right now:

Call the Senate switchboard, leave a message for your Senator. Tell them you want to see SF425 brought to a vote in its original form!

The number is 515-281-3371. You can only leave messages while the Senate is active. It’ll be Monday afternoon before they start work again and you can leave a message. Please make every effort to make a call. Politely ask the switchboard operator for the Senator you wish to talk to and they’ll connect you. We’ve created a few talking points if you’re not sure what to say.

In the mean time, you can use our Legislative Action Center to send another email to remind the Senate they’re there to represent Iowans.

Of course we’ll be emailing you if there’s any critical updates on SF425. If you’re looking for more information we’re posting regular updates on our Facebook and Twitter pages, as well as our website throughout the week.


Finally, the Iowa Firearms Coalition’s leadership would like to sincerely thank you for all the work you guys do. It’s truly amazing seeing so many people rally to our cause. It’s impossible to know the outcome of all this, but know that we’re genuinely thankful for your support. Most politicians would rather avoid Second Amendment issues, but around the capitol IFC members have a reputation as a class act, and that makes a real difference when it comes to advancing our cause.

We’re going toe-to-toe with some formidable adversaries. There’s still a lot of fighting to be done, and your continued support really is making a world of difference.


Fighting for your Second Amendment rights,
Sheena Green
IFC Communications Director
NRA member

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