Iowa Sheriff: The Men & Women Who Keep You Safe Support SF425


Iowa Police are lobbying to get SF425 passed.

Cedar County Sheriff Warren Wethington explains that despite what gun control groups claim, Iowa’s police forces support SF425.


Iowa law enforcement weighs in on SF425

Cedar County Sheriff Warren Wethington has stepped up in a big way and penned an open letter about Senate File 425 to the Iowa legislature. Sheriff Wethington hits on a number of key issues that the gun control crowd is desperate to bury.

First and foremost Wethington points out that Iowa’s law enforcement community firmly stands behind SF425 and everything that’s in it.

He also touches on important safety measures written into this bill. Things like:

-Increasing penalties for criminals who illegally buy guns.
-Making shooting safer by legalizing suppressors.
-The importance of teaching children proper gun safety at a young age.

Sheriff Wethington’s letter has been delivered every Senator in the Iowa legislature. It’s our hope that Iowa’s Senators will heed the Cedar County Sheriff’s words and come to their senses. Most importantly we hope they realize what thousands of Iowans have been saying for weeks:

SF425 is a good bill, and “It’s time for a vote!”

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Our readers said:

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  1. Michael Ware says:

    Thank you Sheriff Wethington for having the voice so many of your colleagues share and hadn’t said yet openly for all of Iowa to read and enjoy.

    You have my admiration sir!

    -Michael Ware

  2. Gary says:

    Thank You Sheriff Wethington! I am a retired deputy sheriff and agree with you 100%!

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