Veteran Iowa Sheriff on SF425 “There is nothing in this bill that does not make sense for public safety.”

40 Law enforcement veteran Dave White on SF425 - "There is nothing in this bill that does not make sense for public safety."

Muscatine County Sheriff Dave White weighs in on SF425. “There is nothing in this bill that does not make sense for public safety. “


“I am 40 year law enforcement officer.”

“There is nothing in this bill that does not make sense for public safety.”

Just this morning Muscatine County Sheriff Dave White shared this letter to Iowa legislators with us. White explains that he’s a sheriff with other 40 years experience and the content of SF425 is good for Iowans.

Not only is SF425 endorsed by Sheriff White, it’s backed by a number of Iowa law enforcement groups. The Iowa State Sheriffs and Deputies Association, the Iowa Police Chiefs Association, and the Iowa Peace Officers Association have all endorsed the Omnibus Gun Bill, SF425.

Last week Cedar County Sheriff Warren Wethington wrote his own letter – “The Men & Women Who Keep You Safe Support SF425” – explaining to the Senate that despite the misinformation being spread around SF425 really is a good bill.

Senate Majority Leaders Ignoring the Facts

SF425 has the votes to pass the Senate. If a vote were held right now the Omnibus Gun Bill would pass by a wide margin. The problem is, a small number of anti-gun Senators who are in charge of the Senate are purposely stalling this bill.

As it stands right now Senate leadership is actively avoiding the thousands of Iowans who are calling, emailing and writing them about this bill.

They’re actively avoiding the members of their own chamber who would vote Yes and pass an un-amended version of this bill in an instant.

They’re ignoring the Iowa law enforcement community who helped craft this bill.

They’re ignoring the 5 landslide votes this bill has already passed.

Most importantly they’re ignoring the will of the people they claim to represent.

What We Can Do


We’ve created a petition calling on the Senate leadership to stop playing games with this bill. Please sign and share it today.


Email your Senator, and the Senate leadership. Tell them you want to see SF425 brought to a vote AS IS. It’s time for a vote!

Keep your messages brief, respectful and on point. The email on this page serves as a great example of exactly how a good email should read.

Send your emails to:,,,,
Your Senator. Don’t have their address? Not sure who your Senator is? Find who represents you and their contact info using our Legislative Action Center.


Call the Senate switchboard – 515-281-3371 – and leave a message for the Senate leadership: “Listen to the people of Iowa. Listen to Iowa law enforcement. Bring SF425 to a vote AS IS!”

Ask that the message is delivered to Senators Gronstal, Sodders, Jochum and Bolkcom.


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