SF427 – Suppressors, Omnibus Gun Bills, & Senate Leadership’s Games


Just the Facts

Alright folks here’s the rundown of the day’s events. There are still too many things happening to pass judgement at this point, so we’ll keep this as objective as possible.

As we told you late last night the anti-gunners in the Iowa Senate continue to ignore the facts about Senate File 425, the Omnibus Gun Bill. Instead they’ve chosen to try to run a different “gun bill,” Senate File 427. Initially this bill’s original purpose was to only legalize suppressors. Just as we predicted last night the Senate Democrats then cherry picked only the parts of the Omnibus Gun Bill they wanted and insert them as amendments into this new bill SF427.

They purposely waited until the 11th hour to do this, and today they brought this new “gun bill” to the floor for a vote and attempted to pass it with only the parts they wanted in it. After a flurry of amendments, both good and bad, the Senate eventually passed SF427 46 to 4 (Senators Bolkcom, Dvorsky, Hogg & Quirmbach all voted no). It was a clean bill that does nothing but legalize suppressors. This bill now goes to the Iowa House of Representatives where it must now start the entire committee process all over and pass a subcommittee vote, committee vote, and whole House vote before Friday. This is an extremely tall order on a very tight deadline.

Points to Remember

SF427 is not SF425, the Omnibus Gun Bill. What this bill is is a calculated attempt to try to buy off Iowa’s firearms community with just small sliver of what was originally intended to be passed. Regardless of what happens with suppressors we will be holding the Senate Democrats accountable for their actions.

SF427 now goes to the House. They have to move very quickly if this bill stands any chance of being passed. They also have an opportunity to amend this bill and restore the original language of the Omnibus Gun Bill. In short, the House can take this new bill, add the original Omnibus Gun Bill language to it, pass it, and then send it back to the Senate and force them to vote on the what they should have been voting on all along. We believe the House has the votes and the will do this. However only time will tell how this will play out.
SF425 and all of it’s pro-gun provisions are still eligible for a vote in the Senate. If the Senate leadership has any intentions of listening to the will of the people of Iowa, they could schedule this bill for a vote. However based on their actions over the course of the last several weeks, we’re not planning on this happening. The ball is still in the Senate leadership’s court, they can still do what’s right for Iowa. They can still bring SF425 to a vote.

What’s Next

There will most certainly be more updates to come. There’s still many different ways this could play out. We now look to the House of Representatives to clean up the mess the Senate Democrats have made.

For now standby for more updates. We’ll be in the capitol to see this through to the end, and we’ll be making every effort to keep you informed along the way.


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