Review & Preview – Week 13 of Iowa’s Legislative Session

“An armed society is a polite society.”
-Robert Heinlein

House Passes Omnibus Gun Bill – AGAIN
Senate Now Gets A Do-Over

Week 13 recap:

Just as expected last week the Iowa House of Representatives passed the Senate File 427, with an amendment restoring the Omnibus Gun Bill, by an extremely wide margin – 73 to 25.
Here’s the list of House members who voted FOR and AGAINST the Omnibus Gun Bill (SF427). The bill now goes back to the Senate where it needs to be scheduled and voted on by the whole Senate. A complete review of the House vote can be found on the website –

What you need to know for week 14:

This week the Iowa Legislature will be very busy addressing education funding issues. There are school funding deadlines this week that must be met. What this means is the Iowa House and Senate will likely be wrapped up in education issues and the odds of the Omnibus Gun Bill making any formal progress this week are slim.

This changes nothing.

We continue to work extremely hard both publicly and privately to get this bill the vote it deserves. We bring up this education issue so that you know exactly what is happening and aren’t caught off guard or become disheartened as the week goes on without much movement.

What you can do right now:

 Normally we try to provide you some sort of ‘call to action’ or direction on how you can help convince the legislature to move this bill forward. This week we find ourselves in a somewhat unique situation…

The bill has the votes to pass if/when it gets called to the Senate floor. You have done an extraordinary job of educating Iowa’s lawmakers about the Omnibus Gun Bill, it’s been impossible for them to ignore this issue.

But this week we need to you to shift your focus away from the legislature and over to the people of Iowa. We need you to spread the word about the plight of the Omnibus Gun Bill thus far.

Tell your friends and family about the bill and the good it does for Iowans.
Tell them how it’s supported by the Iowa Firearms Coalition, but also the National Rifle Association, AND Iowa’s law enforcement communities.
Tell them how it’s already passed six votes with ease – each time with Republicans AND Democrats voting in favor of it.
But most importantly tell them how the Iowa Senate leadership has purposely ignored all of this. How a small minority of anti-gun Senators have used their positions to purposely stall the Omnibus Gun Bill, and how in the 11th hour when they could stall no longer they tried to cherry pick only the parts they wanted from the bill and then tell us it’s not their fault they did all this.

We have the votes to pass the Omnibus Gun Bill. But regardless of whether it comes to a vote or not this message needs to get out.

We’ve created a couple of videos to help you show the facts about this bill. Please feel free to share these with anyone who may be misinformed about the Omnibus Gun Bill. Right now, more than anything else we need the people of Iowa to know the truth about this bill and the way it’s been handled thus far in the Iowa Senate.

Of course we’ll be emailing you if there’s any critical updates. If you’re looking for more information we’re posting regular updates on our Facebook and Twitter pages, as well as our website throughout the week.

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