Consider the Source: Gun Control Group Releases Skewed Survey

Out of state gun control activists grasping at straws to keep gun control push alive in Iowa.

Methodology and the exact contents of Michael Bloomberg’s Everytown for Gun Safety poll have (unsurprisingly) not been released.

Survey Says…

Desperate for attention anti-gunners have released the results of a new poll about gun laws in Iowa.

The poll, paid for by Everytown for Gun Safety, claims that only 8 percent of Iowans oppose universal background checks.  Iowa media have begun circulating the results, you can find a copy of the story on the Waterloo Cedar Falls Courier website. Other Everytown survey results include:

34 percent supported and 61 percent opposed weakening the current requirement that Iowans complete a gun safety training course to get a permit to carry a concealed weapon in public places; 72 percent opposed and 25 percent supported removing the age requirement that children be 14 years or older to use handguns when supervised by adults; and 28 percent supported and 68 percent opposed changing current Iowa law to allow the use of firearm silencers.

The results are extrapolations based off of the responses of 703 Iowans who took the phone survey conducted by SurveyUSA.

Not surprisingly the questions participants were asked have not been released, nor have any other details of the poll’s methodology.

No doubt the poll was designed to elicit the most skewed results possible.

Consider the Source

The poll is funded by the same group that has been making the bogus claim that the Omnibus Gun Bill would “arm domestic abusers and felons.” It’s also the same group that has a flown in a New York City lobbyist to try to persuade the Iowa legislature to kill the Omnibus Gun Bill. Now these out-of-staters are pushing this survey on as many people as possible, hoping to paint a picture that all of Iowa opposes the Omnibus Gun Bill (a fact we all know to be false).

The fact is this group has yet to show their work, or any specifics about the survey, and truth be told we’re not holding our breaths that we’ll ever see that kind of information.

Sadly Everytown for Gun Safety is now getting help from a group of gun owners in Iowa who are also trying to kill the Omnibus Gun Bill. It goes to show anti-gunners come in all shapes and sizes.

The story about the Everytown for Gun Safety poll conveniently omits the fact that this bill would immediately benefit hundreds of thousands of Iowa Permit to Carry holders. These lawful Iowans would no longer have to worry about the threat of the media collecting things like their name, address, date of birth, etc., and publishing it for the whole world to see.

Also missing from the piece is the vital detail that the Iowa law enforcement community wants to see this bill signed into law. The Iowa Police Chiefs Association, the Iowa Peace Officers Association, and the Iowa State Sheriffs and Deputies Association all back the Omnibus Gun Bill. A fact that Everytown, Moms Demand Action, the Center for American Progress, and other gun control zealots omit every time this bill is brought up.

Of course telling their followers that the officers that keep you safe think this bill is good for Iowa does not fit their fear based agenda, so this should not be a surprise to anyone.

And finally the reason the anti’s are so desperate to kill this bill is because they know it can pass. It’s got bipartisan support. And it’s not just a couple of Republicans and Democrats back this bill, an OVERWHELMING number of Iowa legislators from both sides of the aisle want to see the Omnibus Gun Bill signed into law. All it needs is to pass one more vote before going to Governor Branstad’s desk. This is precisely why anti-gun groups and now so-called no-compromise groups are working together to try to kill this bill, they know that despite their skewed polls, our side has virtually everything we need to get this bill passed.

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  1. Chuck Broughton says:

    Which version of the Omnibus Gun Bill are you referring to 427 (not amended) or H-1177?
    The H-7711 version has some significant problems and has become a junket for anti-gun legislators to board as pro-gun. Political deception is rampant.

  2. martin Hubbard says:

    When they did their poll about background checks they sure didn’t ask me.

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