IFC welcomes new members to the staff

IFC LogoHappy Lexington and Concord Day, IFC’ers!

On this important day in our country’s history, I am pleased to announce two new additions to the IFC leadership team who will be instrumental in helping us here in Iowa to continue the struggle for freedom that began  240 years ago today.  Jon Van Wyk joins us as our new communications director, and Donnie White has been appointed as our fundraising coordinator.  Both Jon and Donnie are long time IFC members and volunteers, and each brings a unique vigor and skill set to the table that will very soon be put to good use advancing our civil rights.

As the 2016 election approaches, Jon’s position as communications director will be more critical to achieving electoral victories across the state, so we can best serve Iowans legislatively.  Expect to hear from Jon a lot in the upcoming months!  And the Second Amendment rallies, shooting competitions and training opportunities that you all are demanding?  Well, we hear you!  Message received loud and clear!  Donnie’s going to be the guy who gets us the funds to do it all…So be on the look-out for more public activities from IFC.

I’d like to also take this opportunity to thank outgoing communications director Sheena Green for her service to the Second Amendment cause over the last many months.  Sheena is stepping down to spend more time with her young son, and being a family oriented organization we couldn’t possibly be more supportive of that.  Fortunately for us and all Iowans however, Sheena will be remaining on the IFC communications team, where she will continue to use her design skills for the cause of liberty.

So please join me in welcoming Jon and Donnie, and in giving thanks to Sheena for all her help!

Barry Snell
President, Iowa Firearms Coalition

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  1. Richard Rogers says:

    Thank you, Sheena Green for your devotion and significant contributions to our cause.

    Welcome, Jon Van Wyk and Donnie White. I look forward to your more intensive involvement with the development and growth of IFC.

    IFC’s volunteers are truly the team that gets things done!

  2. Gene says:

    Thanks to everyone who has been able to step up and help make a difference! We appreciate the efforts and look forward to what sounds like a promising future.

  3. Gary says:

    Thank You to all who have served .

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