Review & Preview: Week 14 of the Iowa Legislative Session

“The Constitution of most of our states (and of the United States) assert that all power is inherent in the people; that they may exercise it by themselves; that it is their right and duty to be at all times armed.”

-Thomas Jefferson

An Eventful Week Despite No Formal Progress in the Legislature


Week 14 Recap

As expected we’ve seen little official movement this week on the Omnibus Gun Bill SF427. The Iowa legislature spent last week wrapped up in education funding issues.

As a reminder, the Iowa House of Representatives recently passed Senate File 427 by a 73-25 supermajority. While the original SF427 the was a clean bill that only legalized suppressors, the House amended it into a renewed Omnibus Firearms Bill with most of the components contained within the original bill. It’s important to note that the Omnibus Gun Bill has now passed 6 votes, and has the support of over three-quarters of the Iowa Legislature.

While it has been a quiet week for us in the Legislature, it has not been uneventful for SF427. Several untruths and intentionally misleading statements have come from unexpected places.

False claims are being made that the original Omnibus Gun Bill was good legislation, but now that SF427 has been amended it is suddenly not worth supporting. Nothing could be further from the truth.

While the Omnibus Gun Bill does not include everything we want, what is important is that it includes many vital improvements to Iowa’s current gun laws. In short, this bill is not perfect, but it provides valuable protections to Iowa’s firearms owners and passing it would see us begin to reclaim some of our liberties. We cannot let the quest for perfection stand in the way of making vital improvements right now.

For more details about what is specifically in the Omnibus Gun Bill we encourage you to visit our website and read our blog post titled: BEWARE the Anti-Gunner’s New Best Friend in Iowa.

Week 15 begins tomorrow: What you need to know

Despite the lack of formal progress in the legislature last week you should know that we continue to work behind the scenes to advance the Omnibus Gun Bill. We’ve held many talks with a great number of legislators. We’re happy to report the anti-gunners attempts to kill this bill have resulted in very little, if any, real damage done. This bill still has the votes needed to pass.

The legislature’s education issues from last week still have not been resolved. Until that happens it’ll be tough to convince our elected officials to take up Second Amendment issues.

Last week we gave the legislature a bit of a break to attend to their other business, but we can no longer afford to wait. Please resume your phone calls, emails, and correspondences with your Senator and the Senate leadership.

We elect our legislators to represent us, and if they don’t it is our job to find and elect ones that will. And trust us, we have not lost sight of this, nor have we forgotten about the 2016 elections. The fate of the Omnibus Gun Bill and the outcome of this session will most certainly have an effect on the next elections.

What you can do to help this week?

A minority of well-meaning Second Amendment advocates have been fooled into calling the capitol switchboard to voice opposition to SF427. Sadly our efforts must now include educating those who have been duped into opposing the Omnibus Gun Bill, and battling the anti-gunners lies and deceitful tactics.

Please reach out to your Senator, encourage them talk to the Senate Leadership about getting SF427 the vote it deserves.

If you’re not sure who your Senator is, check out our Legislative Action Center, there you can find exactly which elected official is in Des Moines and supposed to be working your behalf. Look them up, email them, and call them. The number to the Senate switchboard is: 515-281-3371. If you’re not sure exactly what to say, or how to say we’ve provided a sample below to help guide you.

More updates to come. We’ll be emailing you if anything critical arises, in the mean time we’re providing daily updates on our Facebook & Twitter pages.

Together we can and will expand the Second Amendment freedoms of all Iowans!



Dear Senator:


As one of your constituents I’m writing to ask for your help getting Senate File 427 brought to the Senate floor for a vote.


I’m a strong believer in our Second Amendment rights, and this bill would do many things to help protect and enhance Iowans’ rights.


This bill has already passed 6 votes, each time by a WIDE margin. It has bipartisan support. And Iowa’s law enforcement communities have endorsed it as well.


Right now the bill is being held up by a small minority of Senators. SF427 has the votes to pass, but a few legislators in key positions are choosing to play games with it.

I’m asking you to please speak with the Senate leadership. Relay the facts I’ve listed above. Ignoring these facts in favor of political games does nothing to serve the people of Iowa.


Please help us get SF427 the vote it deserves.


Thank you.



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