Review & Preview : Week 17 of the Iowa Legislative Session

Men fight for freedom, then they begin to accumulate laws to take it away from themselves.
-Author unknown

​Week 17 Review

Iowa Firearms Coalition members continue to fight the Senate’s inaction on SF427. We activated a new Advocacy Campaign and continue to call on each and every one of you to keep the pressure on the Senate and the Senate’s leadership. The details on how to do so are outlined below.

Week 18 Preview

Since this legislative session is already beyond it’s intended length (and the legislators are no longer being paid nor receiving a per diem), both chambers of the Legislature are under increased pressure to wrap things up for the year. At the forefront of our minds should be how we went 2015 to be remembered as it pertains to the expansion of our 2nd Amendment freedoms.

As we have previously mentioned, SF427 continues to remain a viable bill that needs only a final vote in the full Iowa Senate. It continues to enjoy broad bipartisan support and needs only to overcome the obstacle that is Senator Gronstal (D). As the Senate Majority Leader, Gronstal decides what bills will and will not be bought to the floor for debate and a vote. Recognizing that there is very little time left, we must make this week count as we continue to remind the Senate Leadership that we are still here and demand to be heard.

What You Can Do

As we celebrate Mother’s Day and reflect on everything we are thankful for, it becomes apparent that those things we are most thankful for include the many freedoms we enjoy. But as we ponder those freedoms we must continue to remind ourselves that we gain and maintain freedom through involvement.

Similarly, we lose freedom when we become spectators to the political process and sit on the side-lines hoping for the best. As such, you must ask yourself if you want to be an agent of change that expands freedom, or do you want to be a spectator that watches freedom evaporate from our nation’s vocabulary.

Get involved today! Make one phone call… send one email, and talk to one neighbor. Together, we can make our voices heard that SF427 must receive a vote!

Use our newest Advocacy Campaign to quickly and easily email your Senator. Help us send a strong message – ‘Your inaction on SF427 will be considered the same as a “No” vote.’

If you can, copy the body of that message and send an additional email to the Senate leadership as well. Their email addresses are:;;;

The Senate switchboard will open for calls tomorrow (Monday) at 1:00 p.m.

Call them and leave a message – (515)281-3371 – “SF427 deserves a vote! It’s time to do what’s right for the people of Iowa. Stop the games and bring Senate File 427 to floor.”

Ask that the message is delivered to your Senator as well as the Senate leadership.

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