Legislative Session Ends Without Omnibus Gun Bill Passage


Dear freedom loving Iowans,

As president of the Iowa Firearms Coalition, it befalls me to deliver unfortunate news: All the Second Amendment provisions for which we have fought so hard this year have failed to pass through the Iowa Legislature to become law.  It is with great regret and a heavy heart that I tell you this.  I am so very sorry that our civil rights have failed to be recognized yet again in our great state.

At the start, this promised to be a banner year, and there remained much to be optimistic about right up to the end.  We earned the support and active cooperation of the Iowa law enforcement community.  We earned the support of the Republican House and Senate caucuses.  We earned the support of most Democrats in both the House and Senate.  We earned the support of the governor.  Initially, everyone on all sides, in both chambers and in all the relevant committees, was working together well to create and pass Second Amendment legislation.  The House led the way early and passed our common-sense legislation with an overwhelming and bipartisan majority. When the Senate proved reluctant to act, House leadership stayed in the fight for your rights, shepherding the measures to passage two additional times  There was much to be excited and hopeful about!

But it all came to nothing, and I am left with one looming question: Where was the breakdown?  The provisions we asked for were simple, basic, common sense measures that were backed by the Iowa State Sheriffs and Deputies Association, the Iowa Police Chiefs Association, the Iowa County Attorneys Association, and the National Rifle Association.  And all across the country, states are passing pro-Second Amendment legislation too, forming a distinct national trend.  Heck, even the state that Al Franken comes from just legalized suppressors!  So what’s the problem?  Who dropped the ball?

The answer is simple: The Senate Democrat leadership.  Everything was going well until the Senate Democrat leadership got their hands on our bill.  And it is because of the Senate Democrat leadership’s distinct lack of leadership, because of their bucking the national trend, because of their disregard for their own caucus, the Republican caucus, and several upstanding and respected organizations in this state, because of all of this our bill failed.  If we can’t even get the simple stuff passed, how are we going to make progress on the big stuff?  Shame on them.

These are the facts.  I wish they were different.  But being men and women of conscience and partners with us in the quest for liberty, you deserve the truth no matter how repellent and upsetting.  I am so very, truly sorry.  I have never seen a group of people work so hard to achieve a single thing as did the members and volunteers of IFC this year, and for that, to all of you, you have my sincerest gratitude.

We’ve got big things planned for this organization, and VP Kurt Liske and Communications Director Jon Van Wyk will be sure to keep you in the loop.  In the meantime though, remember: An election is coming.  It only takes flipping two seats in the Senate to knock down the Democrat leadership’s house of cards.  Mark my words, they’ll try to throw us a bone next year by passing this year’s bill, in the hopes that you’ll forget this year all the way to the voting booth.  So print this letter out and hang it over your computer as a reminder if you must, but no matter what comes, remember the Democrat Senate leadership’s betrayal on this day.  Our liberties we prize, and our rights we will maintain!

I’ll see you on the range…And once again on the front lines next year.

Fighting for your Second Amendment rights in Iowa,
Barry B. Snell
President, Iowa Firearms Coalition

Iowa Firearms Coalition is an entirely volunteer, grassroots, Second Amendment advocacy group. Responsible for bringing uniformity to Iowa’s Concealed Weapons Permitting process, IFC’s members work to protect and enhance Second Amendment rights in Iowa. An affiliate of the National Rifle Association, the IFC actively seeks to foster and promote the shooting sports. Sign up for our email list for the latest on Second Amendment issues in Iowa. You can support our work by becoming a member, or making a donation.


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  1. William says:

    I would like to know the Names and email addresses of those who completely disregarded the constitution during this session! I am concerned those individuals no longer care for the residents of this great state and would like to express my feelings to them! They are either cowards, or have someone sticking money in their pocket for their benefit! Seriously, we hear about teachers getting fired for paying for poor students who cannot afford lunch at school and we deem suppressors illegal, but they need to understand that this is a noise suppressor, not a silencer!

  2. Jeffrey says:

    Sorry guys & ladies on your loss & Bloomturd, MDA, and all those other Anti gun groups that bought off the politicians in your state. We Had /Have that issue in our state as well ( Maine) during the open floor meeting the public was allowed to address our pending pro- gun legislation & almost 99% of those opposed were not legal residents of this state or fictitiously residents ( recent residents). Our bills are supposedly headed for the Governors desk & its a pretty good bill but may hinge on another bill they are shoving through ( appropriations bill) on how much the state will loose in revenue if the gun bills pass! & leave it up for the Demorats in our state too!! A few helped pass the bill & every Republican in both houses voted for it.
    Make sure to look up whoever is in the Senate or House side & E-mail all those who opposed or trounced the bill that come 2016 they will be UNEMPLOYED!! & where’s Bloomturd & MDA & the anti – gun establishments now?? E- mail them each an make sure you tell 2 friends to e- mail & those 2 tell 2 more & so forth. Then election time rolls around make sure its known who voted for or against it or failed to act on it. Tell them goodbye & expect a pink slip from Santa!! One of my reps is a Republican & the other is a Democrat. & The R emailed me & told me the D was a no nonsense guy. I even emailed the D & he responded he was a vet etc etc._& he voted Yes, all the nays were Demorats & everyone of them has been e- mailed & told to start packing!!! The people in each state are sick to death of the Demorats , libturds, Bloomturd, Soros, and And all the Anti — gun morons that do not know shit about guns or gun safety etc. Enough is Enough our Constitution is not negotiable!! Our for father’s fought tyranny so we wouldn’t have to in the future & made sure we had the power to stop it.
    Time to step up!

  3. Stuart says:

    We will win! Never vote for a anti no matter what flavor their politics is. Just look at the president…. I tried to tell as many as I could the first time.

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