Senate voting on suppressors as early as Tuesday

Senate voting on suppressors as early as Tuesday


We’ll keep this brief, House File 2279, the Hearing Protection Act is expected to be voted on in the Iowa Senate as soon as tomorrow!

Please EMAIL YOUR SENATOR about this bill.

Live streaming is available of the Senate debate and vote on this bill. There’s no way of knowing the exact time the bill will hit the floor, but once we have decent idea we’ll be putting out an update on our IFC Facebook and Twitter pages.

No matter what happens we’ll be sharing the outcome of the Senate’s Hearing Protection Act vote shortly after it is complete.

More updates to come! Thanks so much for helping IFC protect and enhance the Second Amendment in Iowa!

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  1. David Hineline says:

    A lot of effort was put into this legislation regarding the application to the chief law enforcement officer. That requirement is going away on the federal level and soon the CLEO signoff is not required only compliance with the federal forms.

    I fear with all the wording put into this potential Iowa Code that Iowa will end up with a DeFacto state registration as well as the federal registration.

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