Legislative Update Week 15

Legislative Overtime


The legislature has yet to wrap up business for the 2016 legislative session, but they’re close. Fortunately for our side, this means there’s still time to continue the conversation about HF2314, the Privacy Protection Act.

This bill is the only pro-gun owner bill still eligible for a vote in the full Senate. Remember, the Privacy Protection Act has already passed the House 97 to 1. Hundreds of thousands of Permit to Carry and Permit to Acquire holders in Iowa would benefit from the passage of this bill. In addition to all of that, Iowa’s law enforcement community, the ones tasked with keeping the peace in our state, has registered in favor of HF2314 in its original, unamended form.

If Senate Democrats (the ones who control the calendar) fail to move this bill they’re once again making it abundantly clear that they’re unwilling to listen to 97 of their colleagues in the House, to Iowa law enforcement, nor are they serious about passing a bill that would benefit more than a quarter million of their constituents.

Reminder, the clock is ticking on our 2016 IFC life membership discount. Using the coupon code “Suppressors2016” the normal $500 price has been lowered to $300 through May 1st. That’s one week from today!

NOTE: if you’re a current IFC member looking to upgrade to a life membership email us at “membership@iowafc.org” to apply your coupon code.

Finally, we’ve got two great events coming up. First, next Saturday, April 30th, we’re sponsoring the 2016 Iowa Designated Marksman Challenge. Four stages, $15 entry. Email JoelAC1989@gmail.com if you plan to attend. Please include the number of shooters and spectators you plan to bring to the event.



And last, but not least, we’re just a month and half out from our Machine Gun Shoot in Mt. Auburn, Iowa, June 10-12. This kind of event is a rare occurrence in Iowa, don’t miss out!

In the mean time, keep fighting! We’ll have more updates to come. Thank you so much for your continued support of the Iowa Firearms Coalition!

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