Designated Marksman Challenge – Spring 2016

Designated Marksman Challenge!

Despite pouring rain more than a dozen hardcore souls hit the Colfax range last Saturday. Shooters were tested by a variety of non-traditional shots (and wet weather).

All in all, it was a great event. The Iowa Firearms Coalition will be sponsoring another Designated Marksman Challenge on October 8th


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Shooters will be broken up into groups and cycled through each stage.
Shooters will get into position and make ready
A horn will sound and shooters will have 2 minutes to locate and shoot each target for the stage
Targets will be marked with a Color and number
Hit or miss, scoring
Horn will sound at 2 minutes
Shooter will empty and show clear

We will rotate through shooters and stages until everyone is done.

All 3 rifle stages and the pistol stage will be hot at the same time.

We’re shooting mostly 5″ circles, so the accuracy challenge isn’t too high. But your positions will be unfamiliar to most and your working against a clock.

Dates are April 30th and October 8th
Match starts at 9AM at the colfax Range
946 W 120th St S, Colfax, IA 50054
$15 entry fee

What You’ll need:
Centerfire Rifle, speed limit of 3100FPS
30 rounds of Ammo for the 3 rifle stages
Centerfire Pistol w/extra mags
Holster and Mag pouch
30+ rounds Pistol ammo
Eye and ear protection

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