Rob Hogg Loses Primary, Left Urges Run for Governor??

Hogg for Governor

Hogg for Attorney General?

Hogg for Governor?!?

Last night Rob Hogg lost his statewide primary race for US Senate, but that’s not stopping many Iowa liberals from pushing Hogg to seek a promotion from the Iowa Senate. Hogg was running against former Lt. Governor Patty Judge and lost by nearly eight percent. Judge will now face Iowa’s current Senator, Republican Charles Grassley in November’s general election.

Even though Hogg’s race was not all that close many progressives, liberals and Democrats are looking to Hogg to run for higher office. If you’re reading this page, there are good odds that you already know who Rob Hogg is. A state level Senator from Cedar Rapids. The former chair of the Iowa Senate’s Judiciary Committee. And a noted anti-gun Democrat who has no qualms about using his leadership position to kill pro-Second Amendment bills without a vote simply because he sees “nothing urgent about this.”

The left-leaning Iowa political blog Bleeding Heartland had this to say about Hogg’s political future: “State Senator Rob Hogg would be an excellent candidate for Iowa attorney general in 2018. Though incumbent Tom Miller has not disclosed his plans, he has reportedly told many Iowa Democrats privately that he does not plan to seek a tenth (!) term…”

For those of you paying attention, Tom Miller, Iowa’s sitting Attorney General is an avowed anti-gunner. He’s openly encouraged Iowa communities to challenge Iowa’s preemption laws and illegally ban lawful carry of firearms on publicly owned property. He’s even gone out of his way to file an amicus brief in favor of New York State’s SAFE Act.

The thought of Tom Miller being elected nine times should be enough to make gun owners in Iowa pay attention to down ticket races. But the thought of Rob Hogg serving as Iowa’s next Attorney General ought to be even more attention grabbing.

The message is simple folks: you need to do your homework on each and every race in each and every election.

The Iowa Firearms Coalition, and our political action committee IFC-PAC are working harder than any other group in the state to make sure elected officials in Iowa stay true to our right to keep and bear arms and do not infringe on your freedoms. But all of our hard work amounts to nothing if you, the people of Iowa fail to do your part. You need to do your homework on candidates. What’s more, if you truly want to see our cause advanced, if you want to see your Second Amendment rights protected and enhanced, you need to get involved.

Unfortunately, anti-gunners in Iowa aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. We’ve made real, measurable progress this year. But right now you can bet gun control pushers are doing everything they can to swing the pendulum back the other direction. That includes trying to get anti-gun politicians like Rob Hogg elected to higher office.

Don’t believe us? Here’s an update to original Bleeding Heartland post we quoted above:

“UPDATE: Several readers have suggested Hogg should run for governor in 2018. He would be a strong contender for the position too.”

Rob Hogg for governor in 2018.

Take a second and think about that.

Now ask yourself, “What am I doing to protect my right to keep bear arms?”

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