Immediate Action Required – Gun Control Votes Scheduled for MONDAY



The US Senate plans to vote on four gun control measures next Monday, June 20th. There are four proposals covering two main topics: Universal Background Checks and the so-called “No Fly, No Buy” terrorist watch list. There are two competing proposals, one from Senate Republicans and another from the Senate Democrats, addressing background checks and the No Fly, No Buy issue.

Passage of any of the four proposals is uncertain. Sixty votes are required for any of them to pass.

Regardless of the projections, you need to be reaching out to your elected officials NOW.

The clock is ticking. You have until Monday to make it abundantly clear to your elected officials that you oppose any gun control laws.

Our Advocacy Campaign makes it easy to email your legislators. It is free. It takes less than 60 seconds. And it goes directly to the elected officials who are supposed to be representing you. We strongly urge you to use it and get your friends and family to do the same.

More updates to come.





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Our readers said:

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  1. Don Stedman says:

    While I, myself, no longer own any firearms because of strokes, I believe the second amendment should not be modified!

    • John Adams says:

      So you have had strokes? You can still shoot. I know better.

      Would rather have you with a weapon shaky or not protecting me by shooting in the direction of a threat than NOTHING!!! I wonder if Hitlery, Obama, and other heads of state have bodyguards. Will they dis-arm them also? OH, I get it, THEY can protect themselves by having guns but we can’t? Can you say TYRANNY! Anti-gun people are all sheep. Weak sheep. I am the sheep dog.

  2. Bryan says:

    Second ammendment shouldn’t be infringed upon. I should be able to defend myself and my family.

  3. Zach says:

    I aim to own a gun soon. I believe there’s a reason the second amendment was written, because of what’s going on now.

  4. John Adams says:

    “The biggest reason to own and bear arms is for TYRANNY in government!” Thomas Jefferson Therefore beings that is the case I choose to own whatever weapons are available to Government forces which put me on equal footing with the government to not only include rifles, but smoke grenades, flame throwers, sniper rifles,armored personal carriers and even tanks. Otherwise Jefferson’s statement is a moot point. Whatever they are poised to use against me I have the right to use against them. SEE WACO, TEXAS!! REMEMBER what happened to them??? Hello?

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