IFC Update – Week 4 – New Gun Bills Introduced

New Gun Bills Introduced
Good Gun Bills & Bad Gun Bills Introduced in Week Four

New Gun Bills Introduced

This week we saw several gun bills get introduced in the legislature. There were several great, pro-Second Amendment bills introduced, but there were also several of the same, tired old gun control bills from years past. With your help we’ll make sure the good bills advance and the bad bills get stopped. Here’s the run down of last week’s bills:

Good Gun Bills:

HF147 – Permit-less Carry
HF162 – Parking Lot Bill
SF146 – School Parking Lot Carry
SF147 – Permit Privacy

Bad Gun Bills:

HF70 – 10 Round Magazine Limit
HF73 – Universal Background Checks
HF145 – Universal Background Checks
HF157 – Assault Weapons Ban

Talking Points

Not only do we have a list of the bills, we’ve also got several talking points about each bill. This includes the bad gun control bills.Our guide makes it extremely easy for you to start talking about Second Amendment legislation in Iowa. Use the guide to talk to your friends, use it to talk to your family members, most importantly use it to talk to your elected officials. It provides everything you need. All you have to do is read it and start talking.

You won’t find this level of information from any other gun group in Iowa. IFC works hard to make it easy for you to get in the loop on gun issues. If you think this kind of material is helpful become an IFC member today!

Second Amendment Day

Make your voice heard in the capitol. Join us March 7th for Second Amendment Day in the Iowa Capitol. Meet your lawmakers and tell them what you expect from them. Join IFC’s leaders and fellow Second Amendment advocates for a day of lobbying, fellowship and good company.

St. Jude

We’ve collected some great donations for our St. Jude fundraiser and we’ll soon post them on the website. You’ll soon be able to buy tickets for a chance to win these items. The best part is 100% of the proceeds will be donated to St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital where they’ll be used to fight childhood cancer. We have a St. Jude Donation Page set up on the website.

Iowa COPS Rifle

Finally, as we promised late last year IFC is helping the families of Iowa’s fallen police officers. We’re proud to announce we’re donating an amazing one-of-a-kind AR15 to raise money for the families of Sgt. Tony Beminio, Officer Justin Martin and the other officers killed in Iowa in 2016. As you may recall Sgt. Beminio was part of the IFC family and actively working to help us pass pro-Second Amendment laws.This rifle will be the marquee raffle item at the Iowa COPS (Concerns of Police Survivors) Black and Blue Ball later this month. 74% of American law enforcement officers support expanding Second Amendment rights, we recognize this and we’re proud to support those who support our efforts to restore our freedoms.

More updates to come.
Thank you for supporting Iowa’s only effective Second Amendment organization
the Iowa Firearms Coalition!

Our readers said:

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  1. Gary Barton says:

    The only bill worth anything at all is HF147 – Permit-less Carry
    HF162 – Parking Lot Bill
    SF146 – School Parking Lot Carry
    SF147 – Permit Privacy

    However we need desperately to pass stand your ground.Castle doctrine.

  2. Tatiana Simpson says:

    In irder of my priority
    SF146 – School Parking Lot Carry
    HF162 – Parking Lot Bill
    SF147 – Permit Privacy
    HF147 – Permit-less Carry

    Student safety is #1.

  3. Chuck Colegrove says:

    All are good, and overdue. My order:

    Stand Your Ground
    Castle Law
    Permit-less Carry….as long as one can prove they have attended a class, and shot in front of an instructor.
    What good is a permit to carry without a “stand your ground”….and “castle law” ?
    I believe anyone who carries should “prove” they know something about “what’s in the background” before pulling the trigger….and proof that they “have shot a handgun”….think about this.

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