HSB133 Passes Committee Vote 13-7

HSB133 Passes Committee Vote 13-7
Next Stop: Full House of Representatives

After a four-hour delay HSB133 survives the first funnel of 2017. The bill passed out of committee with an amendment. After concerns about civil immunity related to Stand Your Ground were raised Representative Matt Windchitl clarified that under this bill anyone who’s been deemed to have acted in a reasonable manner in a self-defense situation would be immune from a civil lawsuit under section 707.6 of the Iowa legal code.

We’ll be sharing the exact text of the amendment passed this by the House Judiciary Committee as soon as it’s made available. You can see video of the House Judiciary Committee’s debate and vote on our IFC Facebook page.

HSB133 is now eligible for debate and a vote before the full House of Representatives.

What’s in HSB133?

Voting AGAINST HSB133 (7):
Mary Wolfe
Liz Bennett
Vicki Lensing
Brian Meyer
Jo Oldson
Ras Smith
Beth Wessel Kroeschell

Voting FOR HSB133 (13):
Chip Baltimore
Jim Carlin
Stan Gustafson
Greg Heartsill
Lee Hein
Ashley Hinson
Megan Jones
Kevin Koester
Andy McKean
Zach Nunn
Ross Paustian
Ken Rizer
Matt Windschitl


HSB133 is now eligible for debate and a vote before the full House of Representatives. There’s a distinct chance this bill could be brought to the floor of the House and voted on next Tuesday (3/7).

Reminder: the Iowa Firearms Coalition is hosting Second Amendment Day 2017 next Tuesday (3/7).

Join us for a brief program starting at 10AM in the state capitol, room 102. We’ll introduce you to some key legislators who are leading the fight to protect and enhance the Second Amendment here in Iowa. We’ll also be talking about HSB133 and other important pro-Second Amendment legislation and how you can help advance our cause. Plus, there’s a chance we might get to see HSB133 get voted on in the House of Representatives.

Make plans to spend the day in the capitol next Tuesday fighting to protect your right to keep and bear arms!


More updates to come

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  1. Phil Greco says:

    Thanks for sending the update. I’ll be emailing those who voted for it, and also those against.

  2. Phil Greco says:

    Thanks for sending this update out, glad to know who voted for it…and also against!

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