Action Needed! HF517, Iowa’s Stand Your Ground & More

Senate Moving Quickly on HF517
Judiciary Committee Planning to Vote Thursday

Email Your Senator Now

Friends, this afternoon a three person Iowa Senate subcommittee voted to advance HF517 to the Senate Judiciary Committee. We don’t have an exact time yet, but we believe the Judiciary Committee will vote on this bill on Thursday, 3/16.
We need you to do these two things FAST:
1. Email your State Senator – our brand new Advocacy Campaign makes it incredibly easy
2. Get at least 3 other people to email their Senators – forward this email or send them this link:
This is the biggest pro-gun owner bill in state history. Stand Your Ground, Short Barreled Rifles, Youth Shooting, Permit Privacy and more. It’s all wrapped into House File 517.

Visit our How a Bill Becomes A Law page if you’re wondering how close we are to getting this signed into law (HF517 is currently at step 16 of 20). We’ll be sharing more details on when to expect a vote as they become available. For now we need you to take action and email your Senators and respectfully urge them to vote Yes on HF517.

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Thank you for helping IFC
Protect & Enhance the Second Amendment
in Iowa!

Our readers said:

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  1. Fred Rose says:

    This bill needs to be passed the way it was originally written, not with the amended language it left the House with! Without probable cause and immunity from prosecution, stand your ground is pretty empty.

  2. Robert Renze says:

    House File 517 Need your support .

  3. Dennis Davis says:

    April 4th The HF517 Stand Your Ground PASSED 33-17 must go back to House now do to some technical language that needs verified corrected such as cost of permits etc..
    Good job to ALL THOSE who worked so hard to get this much needed law passed.
    For all you Liberals out there this goes to show you that we Iowans still believe in in our rights and what our forefathers stood and faught for. The Constitution and Bill of Rights of the United States of America….. Iowans are still patriots and believe in the USA, and for any one to go against the Constitution and Bill of Rights as stated by our forefathers are untrue to the Americans way of life. In my book you are UN-AMERICANS and should be branded as such.

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