Anti-Gun Leader Makes Delusional Claim

Does this look like the face of the middle ground in the gun debate?


Former Moms Demand Action Chapter Leader and face of gun control in the state of Iowa, Amber Gustafson is running for elected office in 2018. She is attempting to take her anti-gun, anti-freedom platform straight to the Capitol as she challenges Jack Whitver in Iowa Senate District 19, which includes the Ankeny area.

The opposition to the Second Amendment in Iowa has never gained any traction or had an impressive presence. However, whenever a group of a dozen or so moms tried to rally in opposition to guns, Amber was there. She also used the following words to describe her approach to dealing with gun owners:

“Mothers are used to getting toddlers and teenagers to do things they don’t want to do,” she said

She also said: “We don’t take ‘no’ for an answer, but we will bring cookies,” as she explained her plan to have Iowans trade freedom for cookies. We think Amber Gustafson can keep her cookies and her lies. This is why we are calling her out this week for her outrageous tweet. Don’t let our friends in the Ankeny area be fooled by her delusional claims of being a moderate on gun rights. With the Second Amendment being a winning issue in Iowa, it is no wonder she is trying to distance her campaign from her radical anti-gun agenda.

Do you want Amber to be the face of the Iowa Senate? If not, please consider supporting IFC PAC as we do our best to keep her out of the Capitol. 










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  1. Anonymous says:

    Anyone who knows Amber personally knows she’s passionate about a lot of things for about 5 minutes. Her passions runs a mile wide and an inch deep. I know Amber, and she causes a lot of people a lot of frustration; she’s never reliable, always late, always complaining about others, and acts very superior to others. Incredibly opinionated and argumentative; not helpful at all. Lacks professionalism.

    Her self-written bio on her website is laughable; mostly a few volunteer items here and there where she was a complete flake.

    Amber Gustafson would not be a good addition to collaborative or bipartisan discourse. Please, please, please, don’t let more people like Amber Gustafson speak for the people. If she does, be prepared for lies and deception and DC-style politicking.

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