Sen. Chelgren Introduces Bill to Recognize Second Amendment Rights On School Grounds

Fixing the Iowa Constitution isn’t all we’ve been working on in 2018. IFC believes the right to keep and bear arms doesn’t end on school grounds. An armed permit holder should be allowed to exercise their Second Amendment rights when they pick up their child from school or have a valid reason to be there.

SF 2086 was introduced today by 2A advocate Mark Chelgren that would add common sense language to Iowa law that will finally recognize this fundamental right. He has also introduced a bill to address judicial overreaching and is up for re-election this year.

We expect more to come on this topic from the Iowa House. IFC will continue pushing hard to make Iowa law recognize this basic right.

Only ABATE and IFC are registered FOR this bill.

Similar bills have been seen in other states:

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  1. Gary Barton says:

    Great bill! This is the only way I know to stop mass shooting in schools. Someone who wants to harm our little defenseless little or large children, can be sure he will not walk or run away from the crime scene.

  2. John Rinehart says:

    Until 2008/12 Guns were permissible on school grounds in Iowa. As a veteran, X police I know that the only real way to insure deterrence to a possible mass shooting is to allow permitted armed citizens including teachers to be armed.

  3. John says:

    Also when Iowa Code 724.4 was passed after 2008 it closed down the gunsmiths classes at Southeastern Community College in Burlington that had been one of the best in the country.

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