HJR 13 RKBA Amendment Passes House Subcommittee


House Joint Resolution 13 Iowa RKBA Amendment PASSED the House Subcommittee 2-1 on January 25th.

Rep. Windschitl and Rep. Rizer voted yes, Rep. Bennett voted no.

Next step will be the full House Judiciary Committee. We will keep you posted on dates.


Our readers said:

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  1. John Rinehart says:

    Please repeal 724 .4 with the 1000 ft from real school property inclusion makes illegal to own a gun on your own property. Also public parks, and repeal any business safe zone law because they are zoned commercial and open to the public. The only way to insure deterrence is permitted armed individuals carry for their and others protection against the real criminal intent on mass shootings.

  2. Joshua Garringer says:

    We do need to repeal 724.4 with the 1000 ft rule for schools and other “safe zones.
    Legally armed citizens do not pose threats to the public or children. Criminals prefer areas and targets where they know that they won’t be engaged.

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