IFC Responds to Gun Control Leader’s Video On School Ground Carry

Iowa Senate Candidate and Former Moms Demand Action leader Amber Gufstason recently made news with her video in front of her kids school criticizing SF-2086, the bill that would recognize the right of Iowans to pick up their kid from school with a weapon in the vehicle and not commit a felony. Watch this video, where we break down her arguments and offer some of our own. Please share this with our friends in Ankeny!


Our readers said:

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  1. Joshua Garringer says:

    I agree 100% with IFC! We do not need a wolf in sheep’s clothing trying to play both sides of the card. Hopefully, Iowans will see through Amber Gustafson’s garbage and not think she is on our side!

  2. John Adams says:

    WOW!, That’s it? She rambles on and on trying to increase her worth and when she’s done you wonder if she’s thinking about what she is saying or riding a Camel on the beach! She claims to be a supporter of the 2nd Amendment yet she constantly babbles incoherently about what she is trying to say. Amy, Seems you have had some training in the selling of used cars.
    Never grasped why many people CLAIM to support gun owners, then try to control, limit, subdue, water down the very RIGHTS that come with it. She’s from Ankeny? Well, that speaks volumes as Ankeny based on their demographics could very well be a smaller version of San Francisco. Hey Amy, why don’t you move out there as you with your babbled message and leftist views would certainly fit right in.
    With all these school shootings by the BAD guys, one would think you would feel more comfortable with GOOD guys that have OPTIONS in the area so as to protect our kids including yours. Tell me Amy, what good is your GUN gonna do ya if it’s at home and you need it to protect you or your child? I wouldn’t want you to try and protect me as your HEART isn’t in it. You remind me of a KAMAKAZI Pilot after his 17th mission. NO commitment! GO AWAY and STAY GONE!

  3. Anon says:

    Have you seen this, – her beginning statements?

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