First Legislative Funnel Cleared

The first funnel is clear and here is an update to where we are at for the session.

– HJR 13 RKBA Ammendment has cleared the Judiciary Committee of both chambers. This bill remains our TOP priority because it is the foundation of your freedom. HJR 13 and the Senate companion bill remain viable and will continue to advance.

– Courthouse carry has cleared the House Judiciary Committee and is a direct response to the overreaching action of Chief Justice Cady. This is a check on judicial power that would define where Justice Cady’s order would apply and chip away at the restriction put in place last summer. This bill is waiting on the full House.

– School parking lot carry, this is the bill that would allow a parent to remain armed when dropping off or picking up their child at school. This bill has cleared the Senate Judiciary Committee and is ready to advance.

-Permitless Carry, otherwise known as Constitutional Carry has been removed from the Senate agenda without comment. Permitless Carry remains a goal for IFC, but it was dropped under a cloud of tragedy from current events and with the understanding that its future had a very steep path to overcome.

– May issue permits, Bump stock bans, semi-auto bans, carry restrictions, private transfer bans, and every other ridiculous gun control proposal made by over twenty members of our legislature have been officially defeated.

Now is the time to make our voice heard and push these bills to the finish line.

Stay tuned for the next push to get these bills heard.

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