It’s time to ACT! Sign our petition and talk to your legislator!

We don’t ring the alarm often, but in case you haven’t noticed, the push for gun control is louder than ever. Progress on solid, pro-Second Amendment bills has seemingly ground to a halt in the Iowa legislature. Bills that would recognize your rights in the Iowa Constitution, school parking lots, and in Iowa Courthouses haven’t moved in weeks.

So far lawmakers have withstood calls for more gun control in Iowa, but they need to be reminded of who put them in office.They have shifted to responding those who are demanding gun control by considering new ideas that have been championed by gun control advocates at the Giffords Law Center. They are responding to the energized minority who have been screaming at the top of their lungs to oppose your freedom.

The forums and meetings hosted by our legislators for the last few weeks have erupted with calls for assault rifle bans and other forms of gun control. As an example, the Scott County forum was one question after another calling for gun control:

“How many people have to die to get weapons capable of mowing down tons of people are banned,?” she asked state legislatures.

But she wasn’t the only one, a frustrated mother, expressed how scared she was as well. “One of the hardest things I’ve ever done is take my 15-year-old kid to central high school the day that 17 people died in Parkland Florida, so I’m mad about that,” she said.

Lawmakers were also seen getting emotional on the topic. “No matter if you’re a democrat or republican we have got to come together, and decide that those babies are the most important things to us,” said Democratic State Representative, Phyllis Thede.  

This is the conversation happening at the forums in our state. Nobody was there to demand that good gun bills get advanced.  The calls for gun control are what the elected officials are hearing. This is why our bills are halted. This is why we need YOU.

Now is the time for gun owners to make our voices heard.

We’re asking you first to sign this petition that states our expectations of the legislature. We will present this to the leaders in both the House and Senate next week to push our three remaining good gun bills forward.

Recognize Our Second Amendment Rights and REJECT Gun Control

Next, we are asking all of you engage your legislator this weekend. Either at a forum or by a phone call.

A list of forums can be found here:

You can learn how to find and contact your legislator here:

Simply put, we are getting trounced at the grassroots level activism that matters right now. Emotional calls for gun control are being echoed by the media, Hollywood, schools, and some in the business community who are all trying to alienate us.
We can’t wait until it is too late to fight back. We can’t wait until our bills are dead and bad bills are being heard on the floor of the Capitol to take action. We need you to get out this weekend or get on the phone and demand that three good gun bills advance and your legislator resist the calls for gun control.

Please let us know about your experience this weekend by emailing to share any pictures, video, or recaps of the event.

Thank You!

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