National Gun Control Leader Donating to Iowa Senate Candidate’s Campaign

A few days ago we alerted you to the gun control lobby’s scheme to place their Iowa chapter leader, Amber Gustafson, into the Iowa legislature. That’s despite her complete failure to understand Iowa’s firearms law. (If you missed this, you can get caught up on the details HERE).

The response to that message has been remarkable. And since then we’ve also been alerted to another interesting bit of information…

If you’re not familiar, Shannon Watts is the national head of the gun control group Moms Demand Action For Gun Sense In America. As you can see from Amber Gustafson’s campaign reports Watts has made a couple of sizable donations to Gustafson.

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Even more interesting – Shannon Watts has not donated to any other candidate in Iowa. Only Amber Gustafson.

So when we say the gun control lobby is backing Amber’s run for office, we do mean it. That said, we need your help making sure Amber stays out of office. If she’s elected, you can bet she’ll be pushing every single Shannon Watts, Michael Bloomberg, or Giffords Law Center gun control initiative, all in the name of “common sense gun safety.”

Shannon Watt’s donated $500 for Amber Gustafson, can we get Iowa’s firearms community to match, or exceed that figure?

Donations to the IFC’s Political Action Committee go 100% towards putting solid, pro-freedom candidates in office and keeping anti-gunners like Amber Gustafson out of the Iowa legislature. Even better yet, we’ve got a winning track record:

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Remember when (Ret) Sen. Steve Sodders (middle) routinely stonewalled our pro-gun legislation? Imagine if Amber Gustafson was elected and put in power. That’s why we need you to help us make sure she never sees the Senate floor.
Please donate today and help us continue what we’ve started in Des Moines.

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