3D Guns: Gun Control Flavor of the Week

If you’ve been watching the news or any of the firearms forums, chances are you’re seeing tons of headlines and talk about 3D guns. The issue emerged when the DOJ announced a settlement with Austin based Defense Distributed; a controversial startup has been cleared to distribute printable 3D gun blueprints online. Cody Wilson won his settlement after being shut down by the State Department five years ago for violating international export laws. The federal government now recognizes that sharing these instructions is constitutionally protected speech. This agreement is being argued by some as a pivotal moment in the gun control scheme, because relatively easy to make ghost guns challenge the effectiveness of the conventional proposals pushed by gun grabbers across the country.

Senator Blumenthal spoke out about the horrors of the guns with some off the wall claims:


Of course, the fact-driven gun control lobby and Senator Chuck Schumer went full semi-auto on the topic:


Iowa’s Attorney General Tom Miller has even taken a stand against this new boogeyman of the gun grabbers and joined other states in a measure to block the deal where these became legal.

But let’s get down to reality?

People aren’t going to spend tons of money to develop these guns left and right. This isn’t a simple process where people dump guns out of the HP office printer. The impact of this would be absolutely minimal, but it does do a profound job demonstrating the utility of gun control.

Are we to believe that a prohibited gun owner would never print one of these off if they had the technology? Not that a law is going stop a criminal from getting a manufactured or printed gun anyways. The easy and uncontrollable access to these 3D guns puts a dent in the idea that we can ban away guns from the criminals and only further increases the damage to individual liberties of the law-abiding.

The plans for 3D guns are legal and always have been legal. They are also more of a First Amendment issue than it is a Second Amendment issue. This is one more attempt by the radicals who oppose gun rights to stage a fight and provoke fear. WQAD covered our response to the issue with an article and explanation video seen here. 



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