Bruce Hunter Goes Gun-Control Crazy

Des Moines area House Rep. Bruce Hunter is coming in hot with four gun-control measures proposed right out the gate! Bruce Hunter’s ideas for Iowa? Repeal shall-issue and revert to may-issue carry, impose tough civil liability penalies, double ban bump stocks, and repeal Capitol Carry.

  • HF-11 – A bill for an act relating to the imposition of civil liability on parents or guardians when minors cause injury with firearms. Registered Against.
  • HF-17 – A bill for an act prohibiting the carrying, transportation, or possession of firearms in the capitol building and on capitol grounds, and making penalties applicable. Registered Against.
  • HF-31 – A bill for an act prohibiting the manufacture, possession, shipment, transportation, or receipt of a multi-burst trigger activator, and providing penalties. Registered Against.Registered Against.
  • HF-32 – A bill for an act relating to the issuance, denial, suspension, or revocation of a permit to carry weapons and a permit to acquire pistols or revolvers. Registered Against.

These ideas are carried forward from last session and we expect that they will fail to advance. These bills have been supported by the gun-control lobby and applauded by those maintaining the assault against the rights of Iowans. This is why elections matter and we must continue to work hard so that we are not vulnerable to the nanny-state whims of people like Bruce Hunter.

Bruce Hunter’s contact info can be found HERE. 


Our readers said:

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  1. propel says:

    Yep, he looks like a democrat, thinks like a democrat and comes up with horrible leftist fantasies.

  2. Joshua Garringer says:

    Iowans do not have time for more regressive firearm Bill’s. The old may_issue system was based on a sheriff’s discretion which was usually biased. The crime rate in iowa has not increased because of permit holders. We need to defeat this man’s draconian bills.

  3. Mark Carlson says:

    Dear Bruce,
    I think you have stayed beyond your welcome. Please look into another source of income besides out tax dollars. We can flush them down the toilet and save time by not using you to waste our money!

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