Action Alert – Firearm Bills Active in IA!

Iowans, we need your help. Right now the Family Defense Act has made it out of committee and is waiting for a vote among the entire House and Senate. If passed Moms and Dads, like you, would no longer have to risk being turned into a felon for lawfully carrying while picking up or dropping off your children at school. If we can get the Family Defense Act signed into law employers will no longer be allowed to ban their employees from keeping firearms in their vehicle. Your county courthouse is the people’s property, and the peoples right to carry in their building must be restored. This bill, which would improve the lives of hundreds of thousands of permit-holding Iowans, cannot fall victim to passive legislators due to inaction. The legislative funnel has passed and the time for the Iowa Legislature to bring IFC priority legislation forward is NOW! 

Right now, that gun-free zone sign outside your kid’s school is worthless. It’s worse than worthless, it’s endangering your kids. That sign currently makes a felon out of any Permit to Carry holding Iowan who chooses to carry the tools to protect their most valuable assets – our kids. Criminals and drugged out crazies aren’t deterred by those signs, but you know who is? Us. The reasonable, honest Iowans, who want to go about our business without breaking the law peacefully.

This change is long overdue, but it won’t happen without you making your voice heard.

 Click Here to Message Your Legislators!

The current law is absurd. We know it. You know. What we need your help with is, getting this message to those who have the power to change that law — Iowa legislators. Particularly able to drive home this legislation are those who proclaim their support for Second Amendment virtues. Please use the link to contact your legislator about IFC priority legislation! And if you can, send a separate note to House leadership. To make it easy for you, we’ve attached some sample text below. Feel free to copy and paste, or draft your message. Just make sure it’s brief, respectful and to the point.

IFC Priority Legislation 

Family Defense Act (HF-636)
The Family Defense Act lifts the burden on permit holders created on school grounds, employers parking lots, and at the local county courthouse. IFC is fighting to remove the arbitrary restrictions that needlessly restrict permit holders, and that could currently make you a felon!

Freedom Amendment (HJR-13)
The Freedom Amendment recognizes the right to keep and bear arms in Iowa as an individual and fundamental right! Iowa is currently one of six states without this type of protection in the state Constitution. This amendment will be taken to the statewide ballot in 2022 to ensure our liberty is protected for generations!

DNR Reforms (HF-179)
IFC is heavily engaged with the Iowa DNR to ensure an inclusive and accommodating hunting environment is maintained in Iowa. This legislation will accomplish that mission by protecting commonly owned weapons for hunters of all ages,  preserving pistol seasons, and modernize cartridge options for deer hunting in Iowa.

Second Amendment Day – Wednesday!

  • March 13th
  • 11:30 AM
  • Meet at the Auditorium in the Wallace Building — 502 E 9th St., Des Moines, IA 50319— off the NW Corner of the Capitol)
  • We’ll meet with supporters at the Wallace Building before making our way to the capitol to meet with Iowa lawmakers
  • Strong possibility to see Freedom Amendment passed on in the Iowa House!
  • Learn citizen advocacy techniques and meet your legislator!

Come out and show your support for this legislation and join our fight in the Iowa Capitol!

Our readers said:

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  1. Gary A. Barton says:

    Not only do I think the (Law Abiding) parents of the kids in these schools should be allowed to have weapons in their cars or trucks to protect their very own children. It’s my opinion that the schools, should be doing a better job of protecting the children after they arrive and remain inside the school. All signs telling every would be shooter this is a gun free zone, should immediately remove.

  2. B says:

    The link to message our legislators is broke

  3. William cook says:

    I’m a veteran, I have worked in armed security/body guard, police officer and chief of police.
    I became disabled in 2005 and decided to start a business as a firearms instructor and became certified, I have taught my 5 kids and some of their friends on the small range on our property, that’s what I enjoyed. I received my FFL to help pay some of the bills.
    I know that is a lot of reading but, I want everyone to understand that while I have some knowledge in this field, I seek more.
    How do we make sure that ccw permit holders, have proper training? I know there are online tests for as little as $30 you take that to prove you took a class to the sheriff’s office and get your permit? I have talked to a few that told me that they had never fired more than a box of rounds from their weapon.
    At some point Iowa will no longer require you to have a ccw. I’m seeking more info and training about this, I’m concerned we will have folks with no real training.
    Thanks and again, sorry for the long read.

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