2A Day at the Iowa Capitol! February 27th! BE THERE!

The Iowa Firearms Coalition has organized a rally at the Iowa State Capitol Building.

We will meet in room 15 from 10am – 11am and discuss current legislative efforts and hear from representatives pushing for increased 2A freedoms in Iowa & protecting rights for future generations.
We will then lobby our individual representatives & IFC will be there to assist you.  Now is the time for all freedom loving Iowans to stand together for our Second Amendment rights. What is currently happening in the state of Virginia must never be allowed to come to Iowa. Virginians are seeing the catastrophic consequences for 2A liberties when conservative majorities are lost and those who oppose freedom gain control of government. We are one election away from this same fate, believe it. Please stand with Iowa Firearms Coalition to preserve our precious rights and liberties.”

Our readers said:

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  1. John Thompson says:

    Will there be a rally outside for those who can’t make it for the 10am meeting?

    • IFCAdmin says:

      No plans for outdoor activities, but rather, instruction and aid on contacting legislators, electioneering, and 2A engagement inside. IFC and NRA will have tables set up in the rotunda until 4pm with support for constituent engagement, membership possibilities, and more.

      Thank you!

  2. Ben Franke says:

    Is coming armed like those who attended the Virginia rally encouraged?

    • IFCAdmin says:

      Your life is just as valuable at the Capitol building as in your home, on a park bench, or driving down a county highway. If you want to carry for self defense, please do. The idea of a ‘demonstration’ isn’t the focus of the event though. Rather, education on 2A virtues, how to put forth meaningful thoughts to your elected officials, training on electioneering, etc.

      ***Keep in mind, your weapon must remain ‘concealed’ at the Capitol. Permit and ID must be presented at the Capitol Security Checkpoint. No knives with blades longer than 3″.

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