2-1-2020 IFC Update from the Capitol

Friends of IFC:

We’re into the thick of things now in Iowa’s Legislative session.  There are fresh bills this year as well as bills left over from last year that have merit, and many more that invoke the urge to vomit.  The most horrible of these bills conjure far stronger emotions, and for good reason.  While I wish the progs could “unthink” a thing, too many are bent on taking from you every liberty possess with the lie of safety.  I often wonder if this stems from their own insecurities about themselves.  If they can’t imagine themselves defending the lives of innocent people, I believe I could wrap my mind around giving them a pass.  But when their inability to grasp the halting of gratuitous harm upon another human being somehow devolves into divesting my choice for self defense and the option to aid others, a distinct impasse is the result.

Richard Rogers, our board member and chief lobbyist, helped me put together a bill tracker page on IFC’s site after a long week of work on Capitol Hill.  You’ll find the 2020 Legislative Tracker under the “News” tab.  We’re working hard to keep things updated, so there are many new blog entries as well.  While you’ll find redundancies on our social media for various content, the best place to track those bills is often the IFC website.

From our Events Director:

The Iowa Firearms Coalition is sponsoring Lobby Day at the Iowa Capitol on February 27th.  We will meet in room 15 of the Capitol Building from 10am-11am.  We welcome you to please come by, and say hello to your Representatives and Senators.  We will also have informative tables in the rotunda from noon through 4pm.  We’ll walk you through 2A engagement best practices, show you how to locate and contact your elected officials, arm you with methods to continue meaningful and persuasive communication with them, and engage in volunteerism and electioneering.

Parking is all around the Capitol building and many use the ramp a block to the west of the State House.  Walking into the West or South lower levels is simple and fast.  Room G15 can be found on this map.  Let us know you’re coming if you can by responding to this Facebook Event.

For those of you interested in a tour of the Capitol, there is a great map and QR coded tour you can take through the use of your smartphone HERE.  Iowa has a unique and beautiful Capitol Building, so drink it in when you can.  I recommend bringing children to learn about this magnificent structure as often as you can.

Food for thought:

Just so we’re clear, this is no such thing as “gun rights” no matter what you might hear or read.  The progs have hijacked the word “gun” and given it a negative connotation in every sense.  We, foolishly, haven’t noticed this as often as we should.  Even when we’re speaking in earnest, we sometimes let that two word phrase slip out.  We should never do that.  Why you ask?  IFC does not advocate for the rights of inanimate chunks of metal, plastic, and wood.  The Iowa Firearms Coalition advocates for human rights.  Basic civil rights afforded every free born American are our interest.  There is a distinction we must make here, and we should remain cognizant of this fact.  Don’t allow the enemy and outpost in your head by adopting the prog narrative.

Be Prepared:

I’m somewhat reluctant to mention this, but it bears consideration.  And frankly, I wouldn’t be doing my job if I didn’t share with you my concern.  We’ve taken notice, just as you, of the propensity for those in positions of global influence to shape our culture in the ways they deem fit.  For most of you reading this, I would imagine there is a stark contrast between Mark Zuckerberg’s view of what this nation and world should look like, and your own.

We’ve seen Google remove things like self defense weapons from their search engine.  If you don’t believe me, type in “Glock” into your Google search and hit the “shopping” tab.  YouTube, a Google company, has become very aggressive and without warning has deleted entire channels and the associated substance.  A handful of very resourceful entities were able to get their content restored.  The overwhelming majority have not unfortunately.  Facebook has routinely, carte blanche, tossed 10yrs of hard work out with the trash by unpublishing scores of pages, few of which ever returned.  The ability to facilitate lawful and ethical sales has been removed from many of these platforms.  The list of curtailments goes on…

The reason I bring this to your attention is quite simple.  Provided our people are fully engaged in the 2020 elections, there stands to reason we could be pleased with some of the outcomes.  A good example would be the presidential race.  Should President Trump be awarded a second term in office, just how unhinged will the crazies become?  If you think some of these people are nuttier than squirrel ca ca now, how well will they behave in middle November?  I submit to you many will literally become certifiable.

I need to put you on notice that if and when these pseudo-puppeteers lose their grip, again, you’ll be scrolling down through Facebook with your morning coffee and not a shred of your favorite Second Amendment content will be anywhere in sight.  The same will be true through Google and beyond most likely.

We recognize at IFC that social media is convenient for people, which is a large part of the success of these many platforms.  So, we constantly offer you composition and perspective with those resources as catalysts towards active communication.  But, we always prefer you keep our site bookmarked in your “favorites” and be on the watch for our emails.  In the event the progs lose their minds, again, they’ll gag us in an effort to silence our voice.  They’ll blindfold you and muffle your ears, so you may no longer witness the truth.  The distinct possibility exists this will happen.  IFC is experimenting with various styles and types of communications in order to overcome the progs inevitable attempt to mute ethics and morality.  More to come on that front…

Remain vigilant my friends.  Join us, if you haven’t already, in our fight for freedom.


Michael Ware – IFC Board Chairman

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  1. Dr Timothy-Allen Albertson says:

    Neither life, liberty, property or spouse is safe when the legislature is in session.

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