The Enemy has an Outpost in Your Head. Deny Him…

Iowa House Majority Leader Matt Windschitl speaks to Jeff Angelo about 2nd Amendment Virtues.

Jeff Angelo interview with Majority Leader Windschitl

He also corrects a false premise of which we all should be cognizant.  IFC doesn’t fight for “gun rights” but rather “civil rights” – and we do that all day long.  Pay close attention to what happens nearing the 5 minute mark.

You and I should never allow the enemy to have an outpost in our heads.  …And using the prog’s narrative is simply that.

The progs have labeled things as “gun rights” and the little black silhouette of a G22 with complete and total negative connotation.  We have to stop using their vocabulary.  We don’t care about the rights of wood, plastic, and metal for the purposes of our conversation.  Rather, we care about the rights of PEOPLE.  Human beings, Americans, Iowans, and so on, are our continual focus.

Every time you see people talking about gun rights, quickly and easily correct them.  They need to know this is personal.  None of us should be denied rights by man, that are granted us by birth, and protected in law.

IFC doesn’t fight for gun rights.  We fight for human rights.  Basic civil rights.

Never forget that.

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  1. Randy Crawford says:

    Anytime anyone proposes peeling away 2nd Amendment rights, you can ask if they like simultaneously peeling away 1st Amendment rights so they can allow themselves to be muzzled. Or 13th Amendment rights and allowing themselves to be enslaved. Or 19th Amendment rights so women won’t be allowed to vote. More examples can be invented from other amendments, and the sooner a hypocrite is forced to face his hypocrisy (particularly in public) the sooner the hypocrisy can be defeated.

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