Jim Wallace for NRA Board? Check him out!

Jim Wallace – Massachusetts 

A quick note…  NRA nominated, Craig Swartz, reaches out to IFC with his information and request for support in the NRA Board of Directors election.  IFC has worked with Craig in the past and hopes to continue our relationship.  While IFC has never taken a position of endorsement for or against NRA candidates, Craig was kind enough to offer his information and it is important we relay this over to all of you.

Jim’s bio for your consideration:

NRA Nominating Committee nominee and Benefactor Life Member. Executive Director,
Massachusetts State Association (“GOAL”). Staunch and vocal 2A defender, fighting for
25+ years in one of the most hostile states in the U.S.  Longtime member, NRA Clubs
and Associations Committee (worked to empower clubs nationwide). Defeated
numerous anti-gun bills including gun bans, and harassment of collectors, gun clubs,
dealers. Spearheaded lawsuit to overturn state AG semi-auto ban.  Improved MA right
to carry.  Passed numerous MA pro-gun laws, including facilitation of junior shooting
activities, licensing improvements, and protections for military members.  Numerous
national and local media appearances.  Streamlined and modernized MA state
association operations, and expanded firearms training program. Energetic public
speaker, engaging gun owners and the general public. Guest lecturer at universities and
schools. US Army, 1983 – 1986. Endorsed by New York State Rifle and Pistol
Association and Illinois State Rife Association 2A battleground state organizations.

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