2A Sanctuary Movement Saves Virginia’s Bacon???

You might remember, and you should, the 2nd Amendment Sanctuary language IFC and NRA crafted together for all of Iowans to offer their County Boards of Supervisors.  If you haven’t done so, you better…

While they may have lacked legal muscle, a political scientist says the political muscle of the “2nd Amendment Sanctuary” movement in Virginia was seen as lawmakers shelved an assault weapons ban pushed by the governor.

This story, coming from Virginia, implies the overwhelming communication and support of rank and file Virginians became too much for the gun grabbers and liberty trouncers to overcome.

You should read through this article.  You should think about what it means to get ahead of those who would have you hammering your rifles into plows.

Find the article here:  https://www.wavy.com/news/politics/virginia-politics/local-2nd-amendment-resolutions-helped-shelve-virginia-governors-assault-weapons-ban-political-expert-says/


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