Bloomberg’s “Stop and Frisk” amounts to Racism, and he knows it…

I read an article by Larry Keane through the NSSF (National Shooting Sports Foundation) the other day, that really got me thinking…  This man bought a $10,000,000.00 ad to promote a lie during the Super Bowl.  Everytown and the Moms Demand folks might not enjoy his particular brand of racism, violations on civil rights, or his multiple infractions of sexual harassment, but they are dearly and irrefutably in love with his money.

Do you ever wonder how much money it would take for you to forget your mission statement, deny your reason to exist, and say yes to money?  In case you’re wondering, you should have an answer to your questions.  I suggest asking the next “Everytown” or “Moms Demand” person you run across.  I’ll warn you though.  Two problems exist.  One, they’re not very good with pesky things like ‘the truth’ and other items that prove their incoherence.  And two, you’re going to have to look pretty hard to find one.  They are a pretty small group and most of the people that ‘show up’ for their functions are paid shills.  We’ve been told over they years they’ve tried everything from paying their people to show, to compensating for travel, babysitting, and even giving them the use of props like baby carriages, in order to make it look like they have numbers, which somehow translates into truth.  That is unsettling.  I wouldn’t know for sure about those practices, but maybe I’ll volunteer to pitch in with them for a day to get a handle on how the sausage is made.  Do you think they’ll embrace me?

I doubt it.

Until then, read THIS ARTICLE and consider it carefully.


-Michael Ware – IFC Board Chairman


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