NRA Cuts Salaries during COVID19 concerns…

You’ve all seen these headlines more than likely.  Some among us will point a boney finger and assume the worst.  There are others who aren’t sure what to make of it but understand NRA is doing what they need to do.  Me?  I find myself interested in the facts of the matter.

NRA’s income isn’t offered up a quarter BILLION dollars at a time, as is Nanny Bloomberg’s anti-liberty, anti-gun network.  Or even like taxpayer-funded entities that work against your civil rights.  No.  The money NRA operates with rests solely on our discretionary giving and membership.  Income from membership is a bit easier to forecast.  Each stable organization can take a glimpse at where they are, review where they’ve been, and make a reasonable assumption on where they’ll end up, all other things being equal.  But giving based on attendance at events?  That’s a bit tougher.

When NRA holds NRAAM, the National Rifle Association Annual Meeting, donations can often be significant.   When various groups and communities hold “Friends of NRA” banquets, money is generated.  There is giving associated with gun show tables, presence at rallies, and high-profile meetings.  And that is saying nothing about other events all kinds of organizations hold all across America.

So…  When gatherings cease and folks press the ‘pause’ button on their spending, NRA is in turn compelled to be cautious about their spending and not outdrive their headlights.  Do I believe things will return to normal pretty darned quickly?  Yes.  Is NRA wise to pump the brakes real quick regardless?  Yes.

Please don’t fear the support you’ll have.  NRA staff members and many at IFC are in daily communication.  And by daily, I mean 7 days a week, not 5.  IFC, as a volunteer org, doesn’t worry about paying a staff.  We do, however, appreciate people continuing to keep their memberships current and offering what they can to our political action committee, IFC PAC.  Your loyalty allows us to keep the ball rolling no matter what and we thank you for it.

NRA’s posture on spending is a normal reaction to their income.  Don’t let that freak you out.

You might wonder just how important your NRA State Association (IFC) truly is, especially in times like this.  As noted, NRA and IFC work hand in hand daily.  I can’t stress that enough.  The fate of Iowan’s 2A virtues rests with our ability to work together seamlessly through adversity.  If NRA stumbles, we’re here in Iowa to help grab their arm so they don’t fall.  The inverse is true as well.  I see the notion that “I’m an NRA member, so there’s no need to join IFC”, as one that hasn’t been thoroughly considered.

As we slowly but surely return to “normal” – and we will get there – there are no excuses to avoid being members of both organizations.  Even as COVID19 began to alter our daily habits, IFC and NRA were helping the Iowa Department of Public Safety and communicating with countless Sheriff’s Offices in successful efforts to quickly maintain and streamline access to Permits to Carry or Acquire.  Did you see anyone else working 7 days a week to protect your civil rights at a time of crisis?  Nope.

NRA’s posture on spending is a normal reaction to their income.  Don’t let that freak you out.  In this stressful time, it is important that you should know and support those who are on your side.  We are stronger together. If you are not yet a member of IFC, please join with us.
In liberty,

Michael Ware – IFC Chairman

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