IFC, do you support the NRA?

IFC is often asked if we support the NRA. It helps to seek the context of such a question. In every question or statement, we should always search for the context behind it so we can ascertain the premise. When we don’t, we skip vital information and risk arriving at the wrong conclusions. Always be cognizant of this.

Some people are searching for our affiliations when they ask us about the NRA. IFC has worked its tail off for years to move from being an affiliate club to the one and only official NRA State Association in Iowa. Through years of hard work and perseverance, we accomplished this lofty goal in January of 2019. This coveted recognition is reserved for the very best of the best and we continued to work daily with the NRA.

The legislation alone that we’ve pushed forth with NRA-ILA is akin to moving mountains. If you look at where Iowa was just a bit over a decade ago, things were average at best. With Shall Issue, Castle Doctrine, Preemption, Stand Your Ground, dove hunting, suppressors and short barreled rifles/shotguns, repeal of a dozen bans ranging from Youth Shooting to ATV and Bow Hunting Carry, the list of liberties opened up to Iowans is nearly too long to list.

From a “programs” standpoint, as the NRA Official State Association here in Iowa, we brought the first Refuse to be a Victim classes into the fold. IFC arranged the first NRA School Shield training for Iowa’s Law Enforcement community. IFC and NRA work together to put on various meetings, rallies, and our huge 2A Day at the Iowa Capitol each year. Some of IFC’s sponsored shooters took top marks at the NRA Nationals in 2019. These are all things that would be exponentially harder without NRA’s cooperation and we’re glad we work together on your behalf. We do these things for others, not ourselves.

The other question we see is one regarding subjects like Wayne LaPierre or specific allegiances at NRA. People want to know if we support Wayne LaPierre or we denounce him. Frankly, that’s a false choice at this point, and we’re not entertaining it. I, like you, have serious questions I expect to have answered about operations within the NRA. However, I also understand that NRA is in the fight of its life against the behemoth we know as New York State for their right to even exist, as they are chartered out of the State of New York. Every shred of communication they offer can and likely will be used against them in New York’s court. Thus, I understand not offering up words that will be twisted in court at this moment. My hope is the NRA gets done with this suit, moves the charter to a friendly state, and we learn the truth about the questions we have.

I have no doubt mistakes have been made. Why? Because the NRA is comprised of human beings and we’re prone to error. I won’t be dicing up anyone without the full facts and I won’t complicate the issue by juxtaposing what I hear with brash statements, conspiracy theories, or grand claims. I have no doubt mistakes have been made, but frankly, I’m more concerned with how the mistakes have been realized and corrected than I am with playing the blame game. I worked for years under the kind of short-sighted management that was more interested in blowing their stack over a mistake than illuminating and repairing the core problem so we could avoid the mistake a second time. I’m chiefly interested in those kinds of healthy and wise actions.  

I recognize NRA has external and internal challenges. We all do, whether as organizations, corporations, congregations, or families. IFC holds the relationship we enjoy with NRA in the highest of value. I won’t let a series of well-timed hit pieces coming from New York publications and New York authors while the state of New York simultaneously shakes down the NRA, reshape my fundamental reverence for the organization that has done so much for 2nd Amendment virtues over the span of nearly 150 years. I want the facts, but I’m willing to wait until they become available. If I form an opinion without them, I’m guilty of the same nonsense our opposition employs as they lobby against our fundamental civil rights on a daily basis. That simply won’t do…

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  1. Gary A. Barton says:

    I don’t understand why NRA seemed to support the bill that would take guns away from law abiding gunowners, when there is no evidence or charges filed . RED FLAG!

  2. Dr Timothy-Allen Albertson says:



  3. Gene Hinders says:

    Amen…wise words.

  4. John Adams says:

    Not one of my favorite organizations. They have become a weak and watered down version of itself from 20-30 years ago, Not attacking the people who are attacking us in this RED FLAG issue is a RED FLAG within itself. They are too soft against a passionate onslaught from the left. You fight a war with passion and intensity and you have to be willing to get as dirty as the next guy. Like in the movie when Sean Connery said they bring a fist you bring a knife, they bring a knife you bring a gun.! Trying to smile our message across will NOT bring the desired results. Sitting around the campfires holding hands and singing Kumbayah won’t put these scumbags trying to take away our rights to own weapons in their place. DO I support the NRA? Not like I used to. They are like a Kamikazi pilot on his 17th mission…………. NO Real Commitment! Just words!

  5. Dave Carhill says:

    I’m a life+ member of the NRA and I won’t be donating any more money to them until certain wasteful people have stepped down. The signs of a corrupt organization are there, when good people either flee or are pushed off of the board of directors. I’m now only donating to the individual volunteer based state groups like IFC. Thank you for all that you do for us IFC!

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