• Federal Gun Control Votes & Banning Assault Weapons in Iowa

    June 19, 2016

    Federal Gun Control Votes Pending!
    Contact your legislators NOW


    Rather than fill your inbox with Chicken Little “the sky is falling, we need you to send money now” emails (like some other gun owners) the Iowa Firearms Coalition works hard to provide you with honest information about what’s going on on the Second Amendment front in Iowa.

    We’re not alarmists, but right now it’s time to sound the alarm. Anti-gunners are using the tragedy in Orlando to push a coordinated attack to try to ramrod through gun control measures at the state and federal level. Now is the time for action.


    Nationally, gun control votes are scheduled in the U.S. Senate tomorrow (6/20). If you haven’t already, you need to reach out your elected officials right now and make sure they know Iowans do not support these gun control schemes. Our Advocacy Campaign makes it ridiculously easy to make your voice heard. Please help spread the word.

    Here in Iowa, Senator (D) Matt McCoy of Des Moines has gone on record with plans to try to pass an “Assault Weapons” ban when the 2017 legislative session begins. According to McCoy, “No civilian should be able to possess a weapon that could fire a dozen bullets in under a minute.”

    Unfortunately, McCoy is not up for reelection this November, so he’s free to introduce the his ban bill in the Senate. We’d all like to think it would die the same way our Stand Your Ground, Constitutional Carry, Youth Shooting and so many other pro-gun owner bills have been killed over the years, but considering the make-up the Iowa Senate that’s hardly guaranteed.

    Fortunately we’re working very hard to flip the Senate and put gun control pushers like Matt McCoy in the minority party. Our IFC campaign division, IFC-PAC, has already been pounding the pavement in key races working to flip the Iowa Senate. There’s no shortage of work to be done, so if you’re ready to do your part to help protect and enhance the Second Amendment in Iowa please check out www.IFCPAC.com


    Finally, to all the dads out there HAPPY FATHER’S DAY! Great parents make great kids and we know our IFC members are some of the best the State of Iowa has to offer. So keep doing what you’re doing and one of these days you’ll even be able to legally shoot handguns with your kids. 😉

    More updates to come!

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